wk 7 assignment

   In Anniversary 4, you submitted your Final Activity affair to your Instructor for approval. This week, you will abide an outline of your Final Activity paper. As a reminder, your assay and abstract analysis of the affair should focus on cerebral aspects. To prepare · Analysis the Final Activity Outline Exemplar in this week’s Learning Resources. · Analysis the Walden Writing Center’s ability for creating an outline in this week’s Learning Resources. · Create an outline of your cardboard for the affair you called for your Final Activity in Anniversary 4. Sample outline for assignment, uploaded anniversary final activity for affair and title. FOSTERING PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL BEING AMONG TRANSGENDER MEN AND WOMEN 1. Introduction and overview a. Explanation of transgenderism  i. Key definitions ii.  ii. Theories of transgenderism  b. History of transgenderism  i. Medical diagnoses and treatments ii. Political contest and movements  2. Analysis on auto brainy health  a. Challenges i. Differentiating from lesbian, gay, and bisexual research ii. Accessing the auto population iii. Political and allotment support b. Recommended solutions  i. Targeted analysis on abounding spectrum of auto population  ii. Outreach to auto community iii. Advocacy 3. Cerebral bloom and able-bodied being  a. Challenges  i. DSM and pathologizing transgenderism  ii. Brainy bloom issues amid auto individuals  b. Recommended solutions i. Affirmative therapy ii. Advocacy for abatement of diagnosis 4. Conclusion  a. Assessment of recommended solutions  b. Final recommendations for amusing change recommendations Please analysis uploaded appointment afore you complete outline, this cardboard is an outline for that affair of the appointment uploaded.

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