Wk 5 – Practice: Pareto Charts,

   Assignment Content     There are several accoutrement and techniques featured in the arbiter that are acclimated for affection ascendancy in IT projects. A Pareto blueprint is a blazon of histogram that can be acclimated to ascertain affection problems in a system. It allows you to see what areas charge improvement. Create a Pareto blueprint based on the advice below. First, actualize a spreadsheet in Excel application the abstracts in the table or use the Pareto Blueprint template. List the best common chump problems first. Check your entries so your consistent blueprint looks like the one in Figure 8-7 in the textbook. Customer Complaints; Frequency/Week Customer is on authority too long; 90 Customer gets transferred to the amiss breadth or cut off; 20 Service rep cannot acknowledgment customer’s questions; 120 Service rep does not chase through as promised; 40 Submit your chart.

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