Wk 4 – Technical Resources

  Refer to the Week 1 Required Learning Activity: Course Scenario and Individual Assignment Instructions: Introduction. Refer to the Week 4 Required Learning Activities: Pluralsight®: An Overview of Risk The Billow Adoption Playbook, Ch. 10 Implementation and Benefits of Billow Services in Higher Education Pluralsight®: Cyber Aegis Awareness: Aegis for Billow Services. An Enterprise Aegis and Artist Abstruse Resource are allotment of the activity amount team. You accept met with the abstruse assets to access the aegis and artist requirements all-important to amend the business case and diagram to abetment the CTO with the proposed solution. Build on and amend your diagram created in Week 3, by abacus the role of business continuity, a adversity accretion plan, and the accord to the cloud. Update your Week 2 business case to the President and Board of Directors with the afterward information: An account of the role of risk, compliance, and security A best convenance blazon of abstracts protection An account of the key cloud-based aegis standards application adapted analogue to accommodate accuracy during the analysis process The adapted diagram Incorporate the instructor's acknowledgment from Weeks 2 and 3. This area of the business case should be amid 2 and 3 pages. Provide research and references to abutment your recommendations. References should be formatted according to APA guidelines.

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