Wk 3 Problem

Earned Value Problems Of the three problems below, accept and break one problem. Show your work. Along with your answer, ascertain anniversary appellation and explain the acceptation (meaning) of the solution. 1. During a project, Earned Value Analysis is performed and gives the afterward numbers: EV: 523,000; PV: 623,000; AC: 643,000. Which after-effects are correct? A. CV: +120,000; SV: +100,000 B. CV: +100,000; SV: +120,000 C. CV: -100,000; SV: -120,000 D. CV: -120,000; SV: -100,000 2. You begin the afterward Earned Value Analysis advice for a afresh bankrupt out project: SPI = 0.7, CPI = 1.0 A. The activity has been annulled while it was executed. At that time the activity was abaft agenda and on budget. B. The project's deliverables accept all been finished. The activity came in advanced of agenda but on budget. C. The project's deliverables accept all been finished. The activity came in on agenda but over budget. 3.You are assigned as the activity administrator to a activity which had a ancient amount about-face in the accomplished acquired by abrupt rework which has meanwhile been finished. You accomplish Earned Value Analysis and acquisition the afterward results: EV: 250,000; PV: 200,000; AC 275,000; BAC is 500,000. What is right? A. EAC = 550,000 B. EAC = 525,000 C. EAC = 500,000 D. EAC = 425,000 Required Readings Read the afterward capacity in Amount and Value Management in Projects: Chapter 5: Activity Amount Control Read the afterward account accessories to abetment you in completing this week's accounting assignment: Visitacion, M. (2007, October). Exemplary EVM at Lawrence Livermore Labs. Contract Management, 47(10), 75-77. Retrieved from ProQuest Database.  Visitacion, M. (2007, September). Debunking Commonly Held EVM Myths. Contract Management, 47(9), 51-52. Retrieved from ProQuest Database.  Required Website Go to the NASA EVM Tutorial (Links to an alien site.), which is an online advertence for the approach and appliance of Earned Value, coinciding with the discussion and accounting appointment for the week.

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