Wk 2 – Congress & the President

  875-word paper This appointment is advised to advice you anticipate about how the founding fathers wrote the architecture and appraise how the admiral and assembly are activity today. Consider the accepted Assembly and Office of the President. Discuss how abreast activities of these two branches of the U.S. government analyze and adverse with the intentions of the founders. Use specific examples, and accommodate abutment from at atomic 3 sources, 1 of which can be your textbook. Your assay of the affair should accommodate advice about the following: Structure and architecture of Congress Differences amid the House of Representatives and the Senate Powers accepted to Assembly and the President beneath the Constitution Checks and balances of power, because Congress, the President, and the judiciary Roles and responsibilities of the President Evolution of presidential power How bills become laws  Include citations and references for all blah ideas, facts, or definitions in an APA-formatted advertence list. 

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