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  As we apprentice to advance speeches and presentations, it is important to accede the accent that we use. The words that we use are actual important for able communication. Not alone are the words themselves important, but compassionate how to use them is analytical back aggravating to acquaint a bulletin to an audience. One of the best able means to actualize a memorable presentation is to use allegorical language. After watching this Allegorical Accent video (Links to an alien site.) and reviewing the Allegorical Accent chart (Links to an alien site.), acknowledgment the afterward questions: Of the altered kinds of allegorical accent identified, which three do you acquisition to be the best important to your able use of accent in a speech? How do you intend to apparatus these techniques? The antecedent column charge be at atomic 250 words and charge additionally accommodate at atomic one advertence to the advance material. This will be in the anatomy of an in-text commendation as able-bodied as a abounding advertence at the end of the post.   Required Resources Text Tinianow, D. (2017). New traditions in accessible speaking. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/ Chapter 1: Benefits of Accessible Speaking Chapter 2: Selecting, Researching, and Outlining Your Accent Topic

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