Wizard of Oz- How Is Dorothy a Feminist Hero?

In what agency can Dorothy be declared as a feminist hero? In The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum has fabricated abiding there is a feminist hero in his book. This is because anybody should see an archetype of a acceptable feminist hero, abnormally about the time aback this book was written; in 1900, it was actual attenuate to apprehend a book with any array of feminism in it. Dorothy throughout the book, shows abounding ballsy acts acknowledging the abstraction that she is a feminist hero. Aback L. Frank Baum is talking about Dorothy in the book, she is consistently arch the blow of the characters. During the book whenever the characters appear beyond crisis Dorothy is usually the one to angle up for them and not aloof cerebration of herself. Dorothy is consistently allowance the characters out instead of cat-and-mouse for one of the macho characters to advice them instead. Aback L. Frank Baum is anecdotic Dorothy and her friends, Dorothy is consistently declared as absolute and competent, the affidavit why is because she leads and suggests the way to anybody so she doesn’t accept to consistently await on anybody else. We are told how Dorothy discovers the tin copse man (p. 34), how Dorothy tells anybody that “we allegation cantankerous this aberrant abode in adjustment to get to the alternative side” she says this afterwards annoying and she is demography allegation (p. 167) and how Dorothy builds anybody a balmy blaze (p. 50). In the book administration plays a able allotment of Dorothy’s characteristics as she is not consistently relying on others for direction. Throughout the story, we are advance to see that Dorothy is a strong, competent and absolute character. These are important qualities for any feminist to have, because if they weren’t able or they were barnacle on others, they wouldn’t be able to accomplish annihilation in their lives and they wouldn’t be able to advance others. Dorothy consistently tries to advice out alike in alarming situations, proving that she is not cowardly. There is affirmation of this aback Dorothy slaps the bobcat on the nose, afterwards fearing for Toto’s assurance (p. 3), she additionally speaks to the bobcat and actively says ‘Don’t you cartel chaw Toto! You care to be abashed of yourself... ” (p. 43). Dorothy helps her accompany to advance the bulk ashore, this put her activity in crisis but she still helped them (p. 60). These examples alpha to actualize an angel of a appearance that is actual adventurous and not in any way a abashed or abashed person. By application these examples in the book, L. Frank Baum has created a adventurous and ballsy capital appearance for the story. This an be aloof of the appearance of a feminist hero because; if Dorothy is adventurous it agency that she is not abashed to angle up for herself as able-bodied as her friends, acceptation that Dorothy is mentally strong. Baum has declared Dorothy as actual affectionate to anybody and that she brand to advice others, instead of cat-and-mouse for one of the macho characters to appear and advice instead. We can see examples of this aback Dorothy asks the tin woodman “what can I do for you? ”, he is a complete drifter but this doesn’t bother her as she can see that he needs advice (p. 5), aback Dorothy helps chargeless the bother from the pole that he is ashore to and after befriending him (p. 22), aback they are aggravating to cantankerous the acropolis the bobcat and the tin woodman get agape to the ground, ‘Dorothy ran bottomward and helped the bother to his feet. ’ (p. 208). These acts of affection appearance that Dorothy is a actual kind, caring and accessible babe and is consistently accommodating to advice addition in need, no amount what. It doesn’t anguish her that she is changeable and commonly the macho characters booty allegation and accomplishment everyone. This is important because, if she didn’t advice out and stood aback for the macho characters to advice out again she wouldn’t be anticipation of as, a feminist because all the macho characters would be in allegation and in ability not her, and if she wasn’t affectionate to others again no one would appetite to apperceive her and she would accept no one to help, angle up for or be a hero to. L. Frank Baum has fabricated Dorothy an accessible appearance to get forth with so that bodies will appetite to get to apperceive her and they will accept a hero to attending up to. Dorothy actuality accessible and affectionate is actual important for her and is the capital acumen why everybody brand to be in her company. In cessation we can see that L. Frank Baum, throughout the adventure tells us of abounding ballsy acts that Dorothy has achieved, proving that she is a feminist hero. During the book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is consistently arch the blow of the characters, whenever the characters appear beyond crisis Dorothy consistently stands up for the others and Dorothy is consistently allowance others instead of cat-and-mouse for one of the macho characters to help. Baum uses these examples to actualize a feminist hero for the story, instead of accepting the accepted ascendant macho character.

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