Kilye Harrelson Ms. Vogel British Literature 13 December 2010 Winnie the Pooh Christopher Robin. Owl. Rabbit. Kanga. Roo. Eeyore. Tigger. Piglet. Winnie the Pooh. Best Americans apperceive who these characters are; they apparently grew up account about these characters at home or maybe alike in school. These accepted characters accept been about for abounding years. Everybody has a admired appearance in these belief that they can chronicle to in some affectionate of way. In the Winnie the Pooh stories, anniversary appearance represents a altered angle on activity and personality from which adolescent readers can apprentice about alternative bodies and themselves. The alone beastly appearance in the Winnie the Pooh belief is Christopher Robin. Christopher Robin is a adolescent boy about eight years old. He is the son of Alan Alexander Milne the columnist of all the Winnie the Pooh stories. He has amber beard The characters in the Winnie the Pooh belief were originated from blimp animals acceptance to Christopher Robin. To me he is affectionate of like the hero in the story. Christopher generally calls Pooh "silly old bear"(How Winnie The Pooh Works). Aback Pooh and the alternative animals are in agitation or in charge of help, the animals apperceive that Christopher Robin will consistently be there. He tries to break his friend’s problems and he usually solves if not all but some of their problems. Christopher and his animal’s accompany adulation to go on adventures in the Hundred Acre Woods breadth they live. Christopher is all-embracing a accurate hero and a accurate friend. Owl is somewhat of a brain in the stories. He's affectionate of like a abecedary or a professor. He tries to accord advantageous admonition and suggestions. His words of acumen usually appear aback and chaw him in the butt. He loves to apprehend books that are activity to accomplish him wiser such as dictionaries and encyclopedias. When Pooh or one of the alternative characters go over to Owl’s abode to get them to go abroad he generally says "well I charge get aback to my encyclopedia" (Hoff 42). Owl will acquaint belief to guests and anyone who will listen. Aback he starts cogent a chance he tends to aloof go on and on. Aback he starts activity on and on is usually aback Pooh and the alternative animals will try and seek away. Owl can absolutely be a absolute bore sometimes. He has the accuracy in the stories. He has the wisdom. Aerial is consistently bad-humored and anxious that addition is activity to blend up his admirable garden. Tiger is usually the one that messes up his garden. He is actual stubborn. Rabbit is actual ambitious and brand to accomplish his own decisions. He is additionally a abundant album compared to the alternative animals. He is actual anxious about the important things in life. He happens to like a actual serene activity with no surprises. Although Tigger and Pooh accompany him affluence of surprises. Aerial loves agronomical and his admired affair to abound is carrots and alternative vegetables. He makes abiding that he avoids Pooh during cafeteria time, so that Pooh doesn't eat aggregate from his garden. Aerial is actual smart. He absolutely makes in ablaze in a chat with Owl breadth he says “You and I accept brains. The others accept fluff”(Mander). He thinks he the smartest beastly in the One Hundred Acre Woods. Aerial and Owl are the alone absolute animals in the story. The others are blimp animals. Kanga is the affectionate amount in the story. She is the articulation of reason. She is the mother of a babyish kangaroo called Roo. She is consistently actual helpful. She comforts all of the alternative animals aback they are activity low or bottomward about something. She is the fastest beastly in the One Hundred Acre Woods. She carries her ancestors in a abridged that is on the advanced of her body. She is consistently admonishing her son Roo about the dangers in the adventures that he goes on with Tiger and the alternative animals. Kanga is consistently adage “Now now Roo, you mustn’t do that dear” to which Roo mostly replies “But moma! ” (Mander). She is consistently annoying about Roo accepting aching on all of the adventures he goes on. Kanga goes over to Pooh’s abode to try and advise him how to jump. Kanga is actual appreciative of her son Roo and the draft of the assemblage too. Roo is the youngest appearance in the story. His best acquaintance is Tiger. He loves activity on adventures with Tiger and all of the alternative animals. Roo and Tiger breadth consistently bouncing everywhere they go. Alike admitting Roo knows bigger he is consistently accepting into some affectionate of trouble. He is affectionate of a agitation maker aback he's with Tigger. He loves advertent new things in life. Don't let his age fool you. He generally expresses his thoughts that accomplish him complete a lot wiser and earlier again he absolutely is. He is affectionate of like a little kid in pre-school because, he is abiding in trouble. Eeyore is my admired appearance in the story. He is about three years old. He is a actual atramentous donkey. He is hardly anytime blessed but his grumpiness ability appear from accepting a appendage pined in his base all of the time. Eeyore doesn't see himself as gloomy. He aloof has low expectations. But he is a actual adorable character. He is consistently accident his tail. He depends on his accompany to acquisition his tail. Aback his accompany acquisition it Christopher Robin has to fix his appendage application a cartoon pin. He is actual able but brand to accumulate to his self. He loves that his accompany affliction abundant about him to bethink him on his birthday. He generally says “Thanks for noticin’ me and “Oh well” (Mander). His abode is consistently accepting agape over by addition or article mostly Tigger bounces them down. He spends best of his time aggravating to put it aback together. He says “Ah, that’s why nobody’s bothered, I suppose. I anticipation conceivably they’d forgotten” (Hoff 17). Nobody anytime helps him put his abode aback together. But he never says a chat to anyone about it. Alike admitting Eeyore ability act like he's allowance aloof because there's annihilation abroad to do. Don't beneath appraisal him because he is consistently there for his friends. Tigger is affectionate of like the ADHD kid in the apple today. He can never sit still. He is consistently affective around. He has atramentous and orange stripes and a adaptable tail. Tigger loves to animation "cause that is what Tiggers to best"(Mander). He bounces everywhere he goes. He is the one of the affectionate animal in the chance because of his adaptable tail. Tigger and Roo are consistently activity on adventures and accepting into trouble. Tigger doesn't beggarly to but he consistently messes up Rabbits garden. Tigger is consistently attractive to accomplish the best out of what activity has to offer. The best admirable affair about Tiggers is that "I'm the alone one! "(Mander). Tigger is actual hyperactive. He loves aggravating to admonition others with their problems. He additionally takes a lot of amusement in actuality able to "unbounce" some of the alternative animals in the One Hundred Acre Woods(Mander). He has a actual fun admiring personality. Tigger is a one of the actual admired animals in the One Hundred Acre Woods. Everybody loves him except for rabbit. He drives Aerial insane. Aback Tigger finds out article agitative he can't delay to go and acquaint his accompany about it. Piglet is a actual baby little blush pig. He's actual shy and abashed of everything. But at the aforementioned time he is actual brave. He consistently wears a continued blush striped shirt. Piglet loves to go on adventures with his best acquaintance Winnie the Pooh. He loves ablaze colors and balloons. But his admired affair to do is draft dandelions. The aboriginal affair that Piglet utters aback he gets up in the morning is "I admiration what's activity to appear agitative today? "(Mander). Piglet is actual abashed of the dark. Whenever Piglet gets afraid he generally says "Oh, d-d-d-dear"(Meet the Characters). Alike admitting Piglet is a "very baby animal", he will beat his fears to admonition his accompany (How Winnie the Pooh Works). Alike admitting Piglet is so baby He has a actual big affection and loves all of his accompany actual much. Winnie the Pooh is a actual affable and admiring bear. He goes by Pooh or Pooh bear. But Never by Winnie. he wears an old red shirt. Pooh loves honey with a passion. He spells honey "hunny". He is consistently accepting in to some affectionate of agitation aggravating to attending for honey. If he anytime runs out of honey he will go about and ask every distinct one of his accompany if they accept a jar. He tries to get honey from beehives additionally and bees consistently hunt him for aggravating to booty their honey. Pooh has actual little accuracy and with acquaint you that himself. He does a lot of asinine things. He is acquaintance with anybody in the One Hundred Acre Woods. The aboriginal affair Pooh says aback he wakes up in the morning is "what's for breakfast"(Mander). He loves activity on chance with Christopher Robin, Piglet and all of the alternative animals. Pooh is consistently attractive for "Hunny to Fill the Rumblee in his Tumblee"(Mander). Pooh is additionally a hero in a way. But aback bodies anticipate of Pooh, they anticipate kind, loving, sweet, helpful, affable old bear. At the end of all these admirable belief Christopher Robin has to go off to academy to apprentice the alphabet and how to write. Academy becomes important to Christopher Robin and he doesn't accept time to absorb with Pooh and the alternative animals. His adolescence was ending, but his accompany did not change one distinct little bit. They accepted that Christopher Robin had to go to academy to apprentice so that he could appear aback and advise them new things. Such as the alphabet, reading, and how to write. But because the animals are accurate accompany they did not get mad a t Christopher Robin for abrogation them behind. I anticipate that the assignment in these belief is that accord is a actual important affair in activity that everybody needs. Everybody needs a acquaintance that they apperceive will be there through blubbery and thin. There are several alternative acquaint in these stories. Like anybody has a hero or that everybody can beat their fears. Anybody reads these belief aback there little but aback they get earlier they admit the absolute meanings and acquaint in the story. Works Cited Disney. Meet the Characters. 010. <http://disney. go. com/index>. HowStuffWorks. Inc. How Winnie the Pooh Works. 2010. 1998-2010 <http://electronics. howstuffworks. com/how-winnie-the-pooh-works1. htm>. Mander, Keith. Characters from Winnie the Pooh. . 1998-2010 <http://www. just-pooh. com/100acre. html>. Mander, Keith. History of Winnie the Pooh. . 1998-2010 <http://www. just-pooh. com/history. html>. Shepard, Ernest H. The Tao Of Pooh. New York: E. P. Dutton, 1982. Wikstrom, Marilyn. Winnie-the-Pooh. 2010. 17 Nov. 2010 <http://web. ebscohost. com/lrc/detail>.

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