Windshield Surveys

  Windshield Surveys With the use of accessible busline or by active a agent about the community, you can appraise the accepted characteristics of the association of your called aggregate. Key observations to accomplish during a windshield analysis accommodate the following: Age and action of the homes in the community Location and action of parks and alternative recreational areas Amount of amplitude amid homes and businesses Neighborhood hangouts Transportation in the community Quality of streets and sidewalks Types/numbers of food and alternative businesses People out in the community Race/ethnicity Cleanliness of the community Billboards or alternative media displays Places of worship Availability of services—doctor, dentist, amusing centers, amusement centers, hospitals . In accession to the abstracts calm in the windshield survey, accommodate the afterward advice about your aggregate: Name of the aggregate Geographical area and size Population A abrupt history Explain, giving at atomic two reasons, why you called this accurate accumulated for your Capstone project

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