Willy Loman

The American Dream is the abstraction that with adamantine assignment and perseverance, anyone can accomplish in America, the acreage of opportunity.  However, as time went by, the abstraction of the American Dream came to beggarly alive to buy actual possessions, and no amount how adamantine addition works, there is consistently added to buy.  As bodies attempt to accomplish the American Dream, companies abbreviate and blaze bodies who accept accustomed their lives to that company.  Commercialism in America causes a actual few bodies to accretion abundance while the blow of association aloof continues to struggle. The acclaimed Willy Loman and his ancestors authenticate the dangers and absolute annihilative armament of capitalism.  Willy Loman has artlessly unrealistic expectations of his own activity and his ancestors members.  He does not face his own flaws and aloof cannot assume to get ahead.  Willy Loman shows the dangers of accepting too captivated up in the actual ethics of commercialism such as the abstraction that money equals actualization and actual backing defines self-worth. As Willy continues to be unsuccessful, he feels added and added bare and depressed.  He is courted by the admirable abstraction of the American Dream afterwards compassionate that it is about unattainable for many.  He suffers from this arrangement as able-bodied as his own disability to change the dream or to cope with the unrealistic attributes of the dream.  Commercialism kills his American Dream. Willy raises his accouchement by appointment his own unrealistic adaptation of the dream to them in countless ways.  Willy’s focus in adopting his accouchement is that they be both adorable and popular. By adopting his accouchement this way, they never apprentice any abilities that will sustain them in life.  In fact, they apprentice absolutely the adverse of commercialism in authoritative the accomplishment to get ahead. Biff, who thinks he is aloft it all because he is so accepted and admired that he doesn’t allot any time to schoolwork and ends up flunking aerial academy math.  He doesn’t accomplish it up in summer academy so he cannot go to college.  He absolutely ends up burglary from his boss, and is basically floundering in the world.  He, like his father, consistently has affected account about success.  Happy, on the alternative hand, turns out addition way.  Happy believes that Bill Oliver (the bang-up Biff blanket from) will accommodate them money for one of their backward affairs about affairs antic goods.  He is absolutely unrealistic and has no ambition.  Happy is well-liked, abnormally by women, but spends all his time aggravating to “score.” No accomplishment is adherent to absolutely accepting a job or actuality self-sufficient.  Because Willy is so focused on the abstraction that his accouchement will accomplish the American Dream, he teaches them abhorrent values.  Back Biff steals a football, Willy praises him.  Back Biff flunks math, he ignores the actuality that Biff cheated.  He pumps up their self-esteem so abundant that they cannot authority bottomward jobs.  They cannot assume to stoop to demography orders from anyone.  And Willy cannot assume to abstain authoritative these apocryphal promises to them. For archetype as he tells his boys, "the man who makes an actualization in the business world, the man who creates a claimed interest, is the man who gets ahead. Be admired and you will never want.  You booty me, for instance.  I never accept to delay in band to see a buyer.  “Willy Loman is here!”  That’s all they accept to apperceive and I go appropriate through.” (Miller 33)  However, he is a salesman for the aforementioned aggregation who lets him go afterwards a additional thought, as he becomes beneath advantageous to them.  Willy is not advancing his accouchement for a apple of capitalistic accumulated downsizing and such. He pumps his accouchement up for activity but goes way too far in alienated the truth.  Back Biff talks about alive for Bill Oliver, he says, “How the hell did I anytime get the abstraction I was a salesman there?  I alike believed myself that I’d been a salesman for him!  And afresh he gave me one attending and –I accomplished what a antic lie my accomplished activity had been!  We’ve been talking in a dream for fifteen years. I was a aircraft clerk” (Miller 104).  In this adduce Biff summarizes the abstraction that Willy has abounding them both abounding of hot air, to the point that they cannot alike alive in the “real” world.  Biff cannot alike accept that he was alone a average agent and so he ends up accepting affronted and burglary from his own boss.  Willy has not accustomed the boys to absolutely see reality. Another capitalistic abstraction presented is that anybody charge assignment and assignment in this apple to accommodate for their families, to accumulate them in the newest things.  However, bodies never absolutely get to see the allowances of all their adamantine work.  As a society, best families are in debt for aggregate they “own,” and they never get to see the end artefact of that.  As Willy says, Figure it out.  Assignment a lifetime to pay off a house.  You assuredly own it, and there’s cipher larboard to alive in it” (Miller 15). By the time Willy works abundant years in his activity to pay off the abode and the actuality in it, the kids are developed and he is on the border of retirement.  And as he says, “I gotta be at it ten, twelve hours a day” (Miller 37).  He works so adamantine to accommodate for his ancestors but never absolutely gets to absorb time with them because he is consistently alive to pay for all that stuff.  In a capitalistic world, things are fabricated to be replaced and to accumulate their owners advantageous on them.  "Once in my activity I would like to own article absolute afore it is broken. I aloof accomplished advantageous for the car and it's on its aftermost leg (Miller 36). The aforementioned abstraction is bidding afresh by Willy in talking with Linda about the refrigerator.  They are discussing the big-ticket General Electric which functions able-bodied against the cheaper Hastings archetypal that they bought.  “Whoever heard of a Hastings refrigerator?  Once in my activity I would like to own article absolute afore it’s broken!  I’m consistently in a chase with the junkyard!  I aloof accomplished advantageous for the affliction and it’s on its aftermost legs.  The refrigerator consumes belts like a goddam maniac. They time those things.  They time them so back you assuredly paid for them, they’re acclimated up” (Miller 73).  Like the articles that are all about him, Willy is additionally acclimated up himself, and his aggregation will prove this by absolution him go afterwards his adherence all these years. The abstraction that anybody charge assignment absolutely adamantine and beforehand their way up the ladder in adjustment to accomplish a acceptable active is additionally presented.  “To ache fifty weeks of the year for the account of a two-week vacation, back all you absolutely admiration is to be outdoors, with your shirt off.  And consistently to accept to get advanced of the abutting fella.  And still—that’s how you body a future” (Miller 22). Ben and Charley are both presented as foils to this idea, and Willy is depressed that he does not alive the affairs of either of these men, but he “missed the boat” so to speak.  These men both affectionate of “luck” into things as is generally the case in a capitalistic society.  Abounding times, it makes no aberration how adamantine one works or how admired he is or annihilation else; it is about actuality in the appropriate abode at the appropriate time. People can be alone in this capitalistic apple back they no best serve their “purpose.”  Willy is accursed afterwards devoting his activity to the aggregation with the abhorrent appellation of capitalism, “business is business.”(Miller 80).   Willy has accustomed his developed activity to sales for this company, and back he is no best “useful” to them, he is fired.  "[Y]ou can't eat the orange and bandy the bark abroad -- a man is not a allotment of fruit!" (Miller 82) The Wagner Aggregation has sucked the activity out of him and afresh accursed him, auctioning him like a abortive allotment of orange rind.  “I don't say he's a abundant man. Willie Loman never fabricated a lot of money. His name was never in the paper. He's not the finest actualization that anytime lived. But he's a animal being, and a abhorrent affair is accident to him. So absorption charge be paid. He's not to be accustomed to abatement in his grave like an old dog. Attention, absorption charge assuredly be paid to such a person” (Miller 56). Linda is authoritative a account to America actuality about the way workers are advised in such a capitalistic society.  Back anybody wants to “get ahead,” altruism is lost.  Willy is a person, and he deserves to be advised like one.  “He works for a aggregation thirty-six years this March, opens up exceptional territories to their trademark, and now in his old age they booty his bacon away” (Miller 56). Humanity is lost.  Workers should accept pensions for devoting their lives to a company.  As he says to Charley, "you end up account added asleep than alive" (Miller 76).  His activity allowance action larboard to his ancestors will accommodate bigger for them than he anytime could.  This again, is the anguish of abounding accumulated lives back they accept accomplished the end of their “usefulness” according to the admiral that be. Willy alike has affected account about his own burial and his accent in this dehumanized world.  Willy has accustomed his activity for the business, and feels that his burial will be spectacular.  All the bodies he awash to will be there.  Bodies from all over New England will appear because he was so admired but in reality, no one attends—his ancestors and Charley. In all, Willy Loman was destroyed by the capitalistic society.  Commercialism kept him alive in a job to “keep up with the Jones’” he was able to buy all the things that association sells to us with the abstraction that they are indispensable.  He devotes his activity to his job in sales, never spending abundant time with his ancestors because he was consistently on the road.  In the end, what does he accept to appearance for it?  Nothing.  His boys are not advantageous and ache from apocryphal illusions of their own.  He kills himself so that his activity allowance action will accommodate for his family.  Arthur Miller provides this comedy is a affectionate of allegation on the way the apple is advanced today, decidedly America.  He provides Willy Loman as a array of adverse hero who wants to authority to some of the “old” account but is always baffled bottomward by the new trends.  Commercialism kills the American Dream. Works Cited Miller, Arthur, Death of a Salesman, Penguin Books, Middlesex England, 1949.            

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