Will China soon overtake the U.S. as the global economic powerhouse?

  cademic Assay Papers are usually comprised of: 1.   Introduction- Sum up what you are researching, why it is important, what is your contribution, how you will go about it, what are your capital findings. 2.   Literature Review - What is the accepted abstract out there on this subject. What are the strengths and weaknesses? How do you bury yourself in this research? What gap are you filling? 3.   Evidence - Unique Assay you conducted. Largest allotment of book/article. (Discourse analysis, statistical analysis, interviews, surveys, ethnography, historical analysis) 4.   Conclusion - Sum up what you did. What are the limitations to your research? What is larboard to explore? You will conduct a bound and adapted abstract review. You will analyze at atomic 2 academic sources (not journalism news, charge be peer-reviewed accessories or books) on your topic. Aces sources that authority altered viewpoints. You will charge to include alternative sources as able-bodied (can be government data, non-academic articles...) Paper requirements: 7 folio minimum (not including bibliography), double-spaced, 1” margins, 12 accepted font. Rough Guideline for Paper: 1. Title: 2. Introduction: 1 folio (what is your topic, why is it important to all-around politics, what you will do and altercate in this paper, what background information, history or definitions are important for the clairvoyant to know) 3. Sources: 4+ folio amalgam of their arguments (Put them in chat with anniversary alternative about their arguments, approaches, rather than alone summarizing anniversary one.) 4. Your analysis: 1 folio (What are the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches, what is lacking? What altercation did you acquisition best compelling? A combination? None? Why?) 5. Conclusion 1 folio (summary of what you did and what cessation you drew, limitations, abeyant avenues for arrest issue...) 6. Bibliography list of sources acclimated in adapted format. Minimum of 5 sources. Tips: Choose commodity you are absorbed in When you browse the account or allocution with accompany what piques your interest? This activity will be easier and added agreeable if you aces commodity you are absorbed in learning added about. Articles or Books? Most bookish books accept agnate accessories accounting by the columnist and appear a few years afore the book. Accessories are almost 25 pages admitting books are about 300 pages. If you acquisition an bookish book you like, chase for the author’s commodity on the aforementioned accountable and you can cut bottomward on reading. Special Issues Journals generally accept appropriate issues (all accessories centered about one topic). Once you have called your topic, attending for appropriate issues. You may be able to acquisition all your academic sources in one appropriate issue. Current publications Make abiding your sources are adequately contemporary. It is ok to analysis an important foundational thinker(s) on a topic, but your capital sources should accept been published in the accomplished 10 years. Aim for publications afterwards 2005 (the added current, the better)

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