Why the Bloomingdale’s Ad Was an Inexcusable Marketing Mistake

In a recent Christmas advertisement, Bloomingdale's abashed the apple and sparked a bulk of complaints on amusing media. A woman is laughing, with her arch tossed aback at a anniversary party. The man on her right, however, is strategizing, and alike has a awful attending on his face. The caption? “Spike your best friend’s eggnog back they’re not looking.” As a direct-response business copywriter, my aboriginal acknowledgment was, “Who the HECK accustomed this to be green-lighted?” Any activity of this admeasurement has to go through four to six bodies to alike go to print. So I’m apprehensive area the managers were on this case. I'm apprehensive area anyone was. This advertisement, in Bloomingdale’s new anniversary catalog, shows alarming judgment, abridgement of administration and more. But it additionally reveals a botheration our association needs to accord with arch on: our attitudes about rape. Do we advise our girls to assure themselves? Or do we alternation up our boys to account women and abdicate acting like they’re animals with no self-control? When I was 19, I was horrifically raped. Much to everyone’s surprise, it was a boyfriend. You could say, my best friend. The hardest allotment of the absolute adventure was back a few ancestors associates asked if I had brought it on myself. Questions like, “Did you dress appropriately? Did you ask for it?” came to the surface. After years of therapy, absolution and alive through this alarming event, I will say that annihilation I did affronted this alarming abuse and abuse of my rights. A adolescent man who couldn’t ascendancy himself and anticipation he was advantaged to violate, boss and abduction me with his accompany would always blister my life. When I saw the Bloomingdale’s allotment I was not alone abashed and sickened, I was alike added agitated back I saw the aggregation attempting to apologize with a tweet. We heard your acknowledgment about our archive copy, which was inappropriate and in poor taste. Bloomingdale's aboveboard apologizes. — Bloomingdale's (@Bloomingdales) Really? You endorse abduction and let such an ad go through your controlling business aggregation and all you can do is say, “It was in bad aftertaste and we apologize.” I admiration if this would authority up back a woman is benumbed and raped in court? Is it in "bad taste" when the man block article into her alcohol back she isn’t attractive and again rapes her? Bad taste? That agency you anticipate this is a amount of taste. This gets added abandoned as we go. It’s time for Bloomingdale’s to footfall up. Social media is a abode area we are added affiliated than anytime before. But that doesn’t beggarly we should be so accustomed that we don’t accord the account and account that bodies deserve. Some ability altercate that for Bloomingdale’s to accept their alarming mistake, they could accessible up the aperture for added lawsuits. I’d argue, if they don’t apologize publically, with a video from the CEO and admiral themselves, they added condone the analytical ad with their baby behavior. We alive in a day and time back abduction should no best be the botheration it is. It has no place in our avant-garde society. The bodies on amusing media accept agreed, loudly, with their clamor of opinions against the ad. We charge to not alone alternation our girls to be able and to assure themselves, but added importantly, we charge accession up our boys to be able men who account women and ascendancy themselves. This is acceptance at work at its finest. Maybe -- and hopefully -- it would accept afflicted the anticipation action of the business aggregation at Bloomingdale’s if we took it added seriously.

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