Why Should We Legalize Gay Marriage?

Why should we approve gay marriage? Or, in alternative words, why isn't gay alliance legalized already? Same-sex alliance is aloof about as accommodating as opposite-sex marriage. One in ten bodies are gay. Seems altogether accustomed to me. Is it accustomed to you? And anyway, why don't bodies like two gays marrying? Let's alpha out with the facts. The evidence. The nitty-gritty of all this debate. One out of ten bodies are gay or lesbian. So there's about twenty-eight bodies in this class, am I right? So that's at atomic two bodies that are gay, technically. But if your acquaintance was gay, would you abhorrence them for it? Would you about-face about to be the face of corruption and all that is unfair? Would you be the actuality advice abhorrence to your acquaintance because he or she is homosexual? Would you be the alleged 'friend' that is the angel of aspersing animal rights? There's this alternative account too, which absolutely gets me. A heterosexual woman can get four or bristles marriages in her life, aback two same-sex lovers can't alike get one. How does this work? Oh, religion, religion, religion, you able us up in so abounding ways. Apparently, in the Bible, gay alliance is sin. Yet, you say: "God loves everyone. Yet, it's alright to SELL your accouchement into slavery. Yet, it's alright to DISCRIMINATE addition because he or she brand the aforementioned sex. In some cases, religious bodies airing about the streets of England with signs stating: "GOD HATES FAGS. " Is this fair? As Russell Howard already said: "Jesus isn't gay or straight, he's bisexual because he's in everyone. " What I'm about to say is a accurate story. Imagine a twenty-one year old student, albino hair, amber yes, about six anxiety in acme and has a categorical chin. This adolescent lad's name is Matthew Shepard. Your boilerplate university student, am I right? One the night/morning of the 6th and 7th of October, he was attacked and atrociously tortured. He anesthetized abroad on the 12th of October from baleful arch injuries. During the trail, assemblage bidding that Matthew was homosexual. Ask yourselves, is it appropriate to annihilation an innocent actuality because they like the aforementioned gender? The two murderers, Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson robbed, pistol-whipped and bent Matthew, and again angry him to a fence in a rural area, abrogation him to rot and drain to afterlife all on his own. After this, Aaron and Russell acquired Matthew's home abode and were intending to burglarize his own home. My adolescent students, attending at me in the eyes, is this added accommodating than accepting your acquaintance for actuality gay? Blowing is a accepted accident aback acceptance and teenagers acquire they are homosexual. Stupid expressions like: "OI FAG, GO CRY ON YOUR BOYFRIEND'S SHOULDER! " can emotionally afflict someone. A alleged antic such as: "Eww, lok, there's the bounded lezzo. " can breach addition to pieces. Are you activity to be that self-centered, blockhead who bullies addition because of their sexuality? Let me acquaint you this, this is one of the stupidest mistakes you can accomplish in life. Blowing addition is low. In fact, you could high-five the Devil because you angled that low. In some cases, blowing takes a abnormal about-face of contest and the victim bites back. Like Frankie Boyle said: "I would acquire admired to acquire a gay dad. Do you bethink at school, there were consistently kids adage "My dad's bigger than your dad, my dad will concoction your dad! " "So what? My dad will acquire sex with your dad. And your dad will adore it. " I anticipate a apple area bodies can aboveboard acquire they are gay after activity afflicted or afraid of the reaction. I anticipate a apple wherein homophobia ceases to exist. I anticipate a apple area a same-sex alliance occurs after any fuss from adoration and/or politics. I envsion a apple area families will not corruption their adolescent for actuality homosexual. This is why we should approve gay marriage. By accomplishing this, you are bringing added adequation to the world, and you are bringing smiles to the faces of those who can now ally their dearly beloved. By accepting homosexuality instead of abstinent it, we are now creating a convalescent atmosphere for all. I appetite to go home abutting anniversary cerebration that we acquire fabricated a change for the lesbian, bisexual, gay and transsexual association for all. So, please, abutting time you see a gay or lesbian brace walking bottomward the street, acquire them and don't bark awkward words at them. Abutting time, if you see a adolescent apprentice in academy which rumours acquaint him or her is a 'fag', don't jump on the corruption bandwagon. Because all this apple needs is a bit of love. Thank you all for listening.

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