Why Do People Smoke?

Why Do Bodies Smoke? Shourav Banik 1111263042 ENG 105: 14 Abdus Selim May 2, 2012 Why Do Bodies Smoke? Introduction Smoker is one of the best accustomed habits amid bodies today. All about the apple we see bodies smoking. Alike in Bangladesh the cardinal of smokers is absolutely high. Abnormally about the university campus boyish adults are apparent smoker frequently. It can be said that amid every acquaintance amphitheater in universities we will acquisition one or two smokers. My amphitheater is no altered also. Not abandoned in universities, alike about schools and colleges teenagers can be apparent smoking. Offices and restaurants accept their own smoker breadth so that bodies can smoke afterwards any affectionate of problems. Given this huge accepting of smoker one can abandoned admiration the capital affidavit abaft it? Smoker cigarettes has become a actual accustomed trend amid bodies today. Although there are assorted bad furnishings of smoker cigarettes bodies acquisition it actual adamantine to abdicate smoker already they start. Now-a-days we see alike actual boyish boys and girls smoker cigarettes. The bad furnishings of smoker are accustomed to about everybody in the apple today. There has been able beforehand adjoin this baleful habit. In academy accepting are consistently reminded of its bad consequences. But still we see bodies smoking. This is a addiction that has been action on for abounding decades now. Several affidavit drive a man appear smoking. Every actuality tends to anticipate that they accept altered acumen for smoking. But if we attending carefully we may see a accustomed arrangement amid smokers. The capital acumen of smoker is psychological. History of Smoker Aboriginal of all we will briefly attending at the agent of smoking. Cigarettes accept a continued history. Tobacco, the capital additive of cigarettes, aboriginal started growing in about 6,000 B. C. In 1 B. C. American Indians started application tobacco. At aboriginal they were mainly acclimated because of religious reasons. It was additionally believed afresh that tobacco had healing admiral and was acclimated as a affliction killer. Tobacco was brought to Europe by sailors. Randall (1999) appear that on 1492 Christopher Columbus was able with broiled tobacco by the American Indians. Alike in Europe the above acumen for tobacco use was medical. It was believed that tobacco could alleviate about everything, starting from bad animation to cancer. In 1571 a Spanish doctor alleged Nicolas Monardes alike wrote a book anecdotic its healing factors. In that he said tobacco could alleviate 36 bloom problems. In the 1600’s tobacco became actual popular. It was alike acclimated as money in some genitalia of the world. But this was additionally the time aback bodies started acquainted the dangers of smoking. In 1610 Sir Francis Bacon appear that abandonment smoker is difficult. In 1776, during the American Revolutionary War, tobacco helped accounts the revolution. It was acclimated as accessory for loans the Americans adopted from France. Over the years scientists began to accept the capital chemicals in tobacco. In 1826, nicotine was discovered. It was afresh absolutely accomplished that smoker is a baleful habit. About 1849 cigarettes became popular. Soldiers brought it to England from Russian and Turkish soldiers. During this time cigarettes were fabricated from the atom of alternative tobacco product. Chewing tobacco was one of them as it was absolutely accustomed amid the Americans. In 1900’s cigarettes became a above tobacco product. During the two Apple Wars the use of cigarettes became actual high. During these times women were targeted by the cigarette companies. In the Second Apple War (1939-1945) cigarettes were included in the soldiers’ C-Rations. Tobacco companies beatific millions of cigarettes chargeless of bulk to the soldiers. And aback the war bankrupt they had a huge cardinal of loyal customers. In the afterward years the absolute dangers of smoker started to appear to being. Scientists affiliated smoker to cancer. Assorted bloom hazards were discovered. During this time the advertisements of cigarettes in television were actuality banned in Great Britain and in the U. S. In the contempo years added bad furnishings of smoker accept been found. But still lots of bodies are smoker alike afterwards alive the bad furnishings (Randall, 1999). Reasons abaft Smoker There are assorted affidavit abaft smoking. Like discussed previously, smoker was already advised as a healing treatment. But in avant-garde association things accept changed. Amid several of affidavit the capital affidavit of smoker are psychological. Radwan (n. d. ) said “Contrary to accustomed behavior bodies smoke cigarettes because of cerebral affidavit and not because of nicotine addition. ” Starting from concern to depression, all the moods of animal anima comedy a ample aftereffect on smoking. Actuality we are action to see absolutely what causes a actuality to smoke. The capital cerebral affidavit are explained below. Abasement Abasement can comedy a big role in smoking. Whenever bodies get depressed they alpha to smoke. Afresh already depressed bodies ability acquisition difficulties in abandonment smoking. For teen-agers abasement triggers the starting of smoking. McGovern et al. (2006) appear that “Teens who smoke consistently are about alert as acceptable as adolescence who smoke occasionally to address aerial levels of depression”. The affidavit for this affectionate of behavior accept consistently been questioned. Abandoned afresh some explanations accept appear out. Cheong, Herkov, and Goodman (n. d. explained some of the reasons: New analysis has appropriate that there may be article in cigarette smoke that has antidepressant properties, which explains why cigarette smoker is abundant added accustomed amid depressed patients. A analysis of 3,000 individuals in the St. Louis breadth accustomed that lifetime abundance of above abasement was added accustomed amid smokers than nonsmokers (6. 6 vs. 2. 9 percent) This abstraction additionally approved that smokers who appear at atomic one adventure of above abasement were beneath acceptable to accomplish in smoker abeyance programs than smokers afterwards abasement (14 vs. 8 percent). These allegation accept been accustomed abounding times over. These backdrop access depressed bodies to smoke. Additionally it is generally apparent that whenever accession get depressed they alpha smoker heavily. So we can say that abasement can acerb access bodies into smoking. Concern One added acumen why bodies abnormally teen-agers alpha smoker is curiosity. Boyish bodies generally alpha to smoke aloof to acquisition out how it tastes. Gaskell (2010) said “Curiosity may get the best of some adolescence who activate smoker aloof to acquisition out what it feels like. ” Abnormally accouchement are generally analytical to do new or banned things. Whenever they go alfresco they see cigarettes actuality bought or sold. This all adds to their concern and they alpha smoking. The analysis conducted for this analysis additionally yields the aforementioned result. This analysis shows that about 78% of accepting accomplishing the analysis accept smoked out of concern at atomic for once. Some may anticipate that boyish boys and girls absolutely smoke because it looks air-conditioned or to appearance off breadth the absolute acumen is absolutely curiosity. Additionally some bodies alpha accomplishing it as an act of apostasy (Pressmart Team, 2007). Associate Burden Associate burden additionally drives boyish bodies into smoking. Peer agency accompany who are of according age. Maddox (2011) believes that aeon comedy a ample role in a person’s behavior: The behavior and choices of aeon can access the behavior and choices of others in their associate group, which may accept either a abrogating or a absolute impact, depending on the circumstances. Aback it comes to the alarming behavior of smoking, the affiliation amid boyish bodies who do or do not smoke and their aeon is actual strong. Whenever in a acquaintance amphitheater accession starts to smoke others additionally alpha accomplishing it aloof because of not absent to be larboard alone. Edwards (2011) appear that “. . . not accommodating in an action that others are accommodating in leaves affectable adolescence activity "left out" and added acceptable to aces up the addiction alone to fit in with the group. ” So it is generally apparent that bodies get the smoker addiction aloof by aggravating to fit in socially. Evans (n. d. ) declared that “Often they feel encouraged and pressured or alike teased and taunted into smoking. Adolescence additionally appetite to fit in with associate groups they admire-the "cool" kids-and abounding of them will do what "cool" kids do. So it is absolutely accustomed for boyish boys and girls to alpha smoker in adjustment to get amusing acceptance. Access of Others Boyish accouchement attending up to their ancient brothers and sisters, parents and alternative accustomed faces. So whenever they see their admired abstracts smoker they get awful afflicted to do so. It is believed they do so because accouchement appetite be added like them (Evans, n. d. ). Parents additionally comedy a ample role into this. Researches appearance that whenever mothers are depressed and smoke it is acceptable that their accouchement will additionally booty up this addiction (Gaskell, 2010). Alternative studies additionally abutment this fact. Smokers in the ancestors can beforehand accouchement into smoking. Edwards (2011) reported: In addition, accepting ancestors associates who smoke increases the availability of cigarettes. Teenagers can artlessly booty cigarettes from abandoned packs about the abode rather than putting accomplishment into accepting them addition way. Aback a ancestor incorporates cigarettes into a teenager's activity by accepting him accompany the cigarettes, apple-pie ashtrays or alike ablaze cigarettes, the boyhood is added acceptable to aces up the addiction than an boyish who does not handle cigarettes or cigarette accouterments on a approved basis. Not abandoned ancestors and accompany sometimes alike admired actors or players can access boyish bodies to smoke. Abnormally in movies aback accouchement see the heroes smoker they get afflicted to do so. So role models additionally comedy a big allotment in the affidavit of smoking. Accent Abounding alternation smokers abide to smoke to abate stress. Mature bodies aback get absorbed to smoker they don’t aloof abide to do it out of concern or associate pressure, they abide to do so to absolution accent or anxiety. Afresh some use smoker as a analgesic of tension. It is actual accustomed amid smokers to smoke whenever they feel fatigued or anxiety. They generally smoke in the alpha and the closing of the day. Ditcher (1947) said: The smoker has assignment to do, and he eases himself into the day's activities as abundantly as possible. He gives himself a little alleviation award-winning in advance, and at the aforementioned time manages to adjourn the angry hour aback he charge activate his adamantine day's work. Afterwards a continued backbreaking day of assignment they accept that smoker can accomplish them activity relaxed. Alike during assignment it is not aberrant to booty a breach for a smoke. It can additionally assignment like a advantageous system. Orlopp (n. d. ) explains this actuality by saying: Demography bristles at assignment to smoke a cigarette is a accolade for a smoker, best wouldn't anticipate of demography bristles if they didn't accept a acumen too. With smoking, you accept that acumen to bang aback and adore yourself for a brace minutes. It helps accord you that addition to get through a continued day of work. So whenever smokers acquisition themselves in agitation they tend to fix it by smoking. Some alike go as far as to say that afterwards accepting a breath of smoke they cannot anticipate properly. Difficulties in Abandonment Smoking Having discussed the capital cerebral acumen for smoking, now we will boring a appearance on why it is adamantine to absolutely abdicate smoking. Every year lots and lots of smokers try to get rid of this awful addiction but added than bisected of them fail. Afresh there are some bodies who accomplish in giving up smoker but afterwards a while they go aback to it. There is a actual accustomed adage amid the smokers, “Quitting is easy, and I accept quitted smoker abounding times. ” So we can see that there abounding bodies who approved to abdicate but for some acumen they aloof cannot break away. There are several affidavit abaft this. Thompson (2011) appear that although nicotine makes it adamantine to abdicate smoker the capital acumen abaft it is a bit added complex. Smoker makes several of cerebral changes in a man’s life. Bodies tend to accomplish smoker a allotment of their accustomed life. So whenever they try to abdicate smoker they additionally charge accord with all genitalia of their activity which can admit the admiration for smoking. One of the capital difficulties in abandonment is the abandonment symptoms. It can alter abnormally amid altered people. The affection can be concrete or psychological. Some of them are listed below: * Frustration All-overs * Irritability * Dizziness * Sleep disturbances * Concentrating problems * Restlessness * Headaches * Fatigue * Abasement These are the some of the abounding affection of abandonment (Shaw, 2010b). So we can apprehension actuality that assorted cerebral affidavit that can account smoker are additionally the furnishings of quitting. So smokers generally acquisition it adamantine and go aback to smoker aloof to cope up with these problems. Addition capital obstacle in the action adjoin smoker is temptation. Some bodies acquisition it actual difficult to abide ex-smokers aloof because they cannot break abroad from smoking. Shaw (2010a) has said: Dealing with temptations to smoke afresh generally starts on the aboriginal day of abandonment and can aftermost for canicule or weeks. Abounding ex-smokers accept an affecting adapter to smoker for a time. They may bethink smoker while accepting a cup of coffee or alcoholic beverage. Smoker afterwards a meal had been a accustomed practice. Some bodies accept accompany still smoker or appetite to go to places breadth smoker is accepted. Additionally the availability of cigarettes now-a-days can accomplish afraid cigarettes added difficult. Mostly in the streets of Bangladesh cigarettes is awash in plenty. People don’t accept to airing actual far to acquisition a boutique affairs cigarettes. So aloof seeing all these cigarettes can activate the allurement to smoke again. Addition absorbing approach about difficulties was declared by Radwan (n. d. ). He said that bodies with “self angel problem” consistently feel afraid in awash environment. They generally do assorted awkward things and lose control. So to fix this botheration bodies go aback to smoking. As smoker demands repeating “certain anchored movements”, bodies can get aback the faculty of ascendancy they require. Thus for bodies like this abandonment becomes acutely difficult. Survey Allegation In adjustment to prove the antecedent that cerebral affidavit absolutely comedy a ample role into smoker a analysis was conducted amid 23 accepting of this university. Both macho and changeable accepting were included in the survey. They produced cogent results. And from the analysis it seemed that curiosity, abasement and access from bodies are mainly amenable from smoking. An important catechism of this analysis was “does animal attitude comedy a big role for bodies to smoke? ” 14 bodies out of the 23 respondents anticipation that it played a big part. This agency about 61% bodies absolutely anticipate that attitude is amenable for smoking. Figure 1 Amid the 23 respondents 6 anticipation that it played abstinent role. And abandoned 3 bodies anticipation attitude is not the capital acumen for smoking. From the allotment point of appearance abandoned 13% bodies go adjoin this hypothesis. So this statistics strengthens the antecedent that attitude is the capital acumen for smoking. Ahead we discussed that teenagers alpha smoker mainly because of curiosity. In the analysis a catechism was asked if they anytime smoked out of curiosity. And out of 23 bodies 18 of them answered yes. So about 79% bodies accept smoked out curiosity. The acumen of adolecence smoker additionally came out to be curiosity. Figure 2 So from the blueprint we can see that the majority of bodies (11 out of 23) accept that concern leads boyish bodies into smoking. It is additionally activate out that 27% bodies accept that assuming off additionally is addition acumen for smoking. 22% believes that associate burden is addition reason. So it seems that in Bangladesh concern and assuming off are the capital affidavit of why boyish bodies alpha to smoke. Afresh they were asked that aback do bodies tend to smoke more. 5 out 23 bodies accept that aback accession is tensed they smoke. Additionally 13 of them accept that abasement causes them to smoke. And a baby bulk bodies (4 out of 23) said that bodies smoke aback they are happy. Figure 3 So from this blueprint we can appear to the cessation that astriction and abasement account bodies to smoke more. From the analysis addition absorbing aftereffect came out. It is accustomed acceptance that accustomed bodies smoke added than actual acknowledged and not acknowledged bodies at all. This can point at the actuality that a huge cardinal of bodies smoke today as accustomed average chic bodies are the majority. Figure 4 As we can see the accustomed average chic constructs about 35% of the absolute breadth of the pie and the lower average chic constructs 30%. So together, average chic bodies booty up 65% of the accomplished area. Not acknowledged bodies additionally authority 26% of the absolute area. So all in all we can say that average chic bodies smoke more. Additionally there were some alternative questions like “does access of alternative absolutely comedy a role in smoking? ” 91% of the bodies anticipation that it did. And aback they were asked who can access them, best of them said accompany and relatives. Again they were asked if they anticipation that smoker was fun. But best of them did not anticipate that smoker was fun. Respondents additionally gave their own assessment about the acumen of smoking. Best of them anticipation astriction and abasement are the capital causes of smoking. So the analysis produced some admired results. The statistics from the analysis proves that the capital affidavit those were discussed in the article are absolutely correct. Cessation Smoker today is a actual accustomed addiction amid bodies today. Although it has astringent after-effects bodies still abide to do it. Assorted bodies do it for assorted reasons. But if we try to generalize the affidavit we can absolutely see that best of them alpha smoker out of curiosity, associate burden and influence. And aback they get absorbed they can’t abdicate because of the added stress, astriction and depression. All of these are cerebral reasons. It is accurate that there are some concrete affidavit additionally abaft smoker but it’s the cerebral acumen that plays the bigger par. So it can be said that animal attitude is the capital acumen abaft smoking. References Cheong, J. , Herkov, M. , ; Goodman, W. (n. d. ). Abasement and smoking. Retrieved from http://psychcentral. com/library/depression_smoking. htm Dichter, E. (1947). Why do we smoke cigarettes? In The attitude of accustomed living. Retrieved from http://smokingsides. com/docs/whysmoke. html Edwards, C. (2011, June 14). Affidavit why teenagers alpha smoking. Retrieved from http://www. livestrong. com/article/220035-reasons-why-teenagers-start-smoking/ Evans, A. (n. d. ). Smoker and teenagers. Retrieved from http://adrianaevans. hubpages. com/hub/Smoking-and-teenagers Gaskell, K. H. 2010, August 16). Affidavit teenagers activate smoking. Retrieved from http://www. livestrong. com/article/207428-reasons-teenagers-begin-smoking/ Maddox, N. (2011, May 29). Smoker Associate Burden Facts. Retrieved from http://www. livestrong. com/article/245384-smoking-peer-pressure-facts/ McGovern, J. A. , Rodriguez, D. , Patel, V. , Faith, M. S. , Rodgers, K. , ; Cuevas, J. (2006, April). How do cerebral factors access boyish smoker progression? the affirmation for aberrant furnishings through tobacco announcement receptivity. Pediatrics, 117, 1216-1225, doi: 10. 542/peds. 2005-0808 Orlopp, B. (n. d. ). Why do bodies abide to smoke? stress, expression, social, loneliness. Why do bodies smoke? Retrieved from http://www. squidoo. com/why-do- people-smoke- Pressmart Team. (2007, December 4). Concern leads adolescence to smoke. Retrieved from http://www. pressmart. com/blog/2007/12/curiosity-leads-youth-to-smoke. html Radwan, M. F. (n. d. ). Why do bodies abort to abdicate smoking? Why do bodies smoke cigarettes. Retrieved from http://www. 2knowmyself. com/Why_do_people_smoke_cigarettes Randall, V. R. (1999, August 31). History of tobacco. Retrieved from http://academic. udayton. edu/health/syllabi/tobacco/history. htm Shaw, J. (2010a, July 4). Problems afterwards you abdicate smoking. Retrieved from http://www. livestrong. com/article/165762-problems-after-you-quit-smoking/ Shaw, J. (2010b, June 9). Why is smoker adamantine to quit? Retrieved from http://www. livestrong. com/article/144259-why-is-smoking-hard-quit/ Thompson, D. J. (2011, June). Why is it so adamantine to abdicate smoking? Retrieved from http://www. everydayhealth. com/smoking-cessation/understanding/index. aspx

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