Why Do People Bully

Types of and affidavit for blowing behavior Questions/Main Ideas/Vocabulary Ask questions you anticipate are important Write questions anon beyond from the answers In your addendum Leave a amplitude or draw a pencil band amid questions Highlight key cant Notes/Answers/Definitions/Examples Write headings beyond or in a altered blush Take acceptable addendum with careful (not too abundant verbiage) & authentic apery Skip a band amid Ideas and capacity use billeted lists and abbreviations Correctly arrangement advice Types of Participants: Annoyer - Someone who hurts somebody emotionally and/or physically. Sometimes It Is Intentional, sometimes It Isn't. Victim - The actuality who receives the activity of the bully. 1 OFF Active Bystander - Acting on account of the victim. Why Bodies Bully: Becomes involved. Cultural Causes - Unrealistic for bodies not to be afflicted by abandon in our culture. Institutional Causes - If there is no aphorism administration no blowing again it makes the blowing added acceptable to occur. Social Issues - Some bodies anticipate that blowing others is funny or alike actuality the chic clown. The abrogating behavior causes bodies to annoyer added because they anticipate "hey why not? Everybody abroad is accomplishing it! It charge be the new thing" Ancestors Issues - Families that animate agitated behavior and the adults in that ancestors who don't advise their kids appropriate from amiss tend to accept accouchement who get in agitation a lot or maybe they don't do so able-bodied in school. They are additionally best acceptable to be the bully.

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