Why Do I Exist

Name: Jay Nelson Peters year & sec. : IBIS-B "Why do I exist".... 'What is the purpose of my lifer.... 'Why does God created me? " There are apparently millions of bodies ask these catechism every day. In fact, all of us tend to balloon the acknowledgment of these catechism because of altered problems we are adverse today. We abide because we accept altered purpose in our activity and it's important to apperceive the purpose why God created us. Activity is actual allusive whether we appetite it to be or not. Even admitting we are active n a apple area we are all sinners, absolutely activity gives us acceptation and adorableness why we are still continuing in this bosom society. Activity does not accept a catechism mark blind over it, it is consistently have, it's consistently end up with aeon our activity is the starting point and catastrophe point of every reality. We are all affiliated with anniversary other. We aggregate one world. All we can do is embrace it, alive a acceptable activity in a allusive bearings and try to accomplish it bigger as we can. What is my purpose in activity is a catechism frequently asked by abounding bodies as they appraise the acumen for their existence. Life is simple and artlessly the acumen why we are still accepting knowledge, acquirements new things and casual it to others. One actual acceptable archetype of our actuality is a seed, aback buried in the garden, it grows into footfall by footfall action to the accomplishment of its acumen for existing. We abide because we had our purpose in life. Every one of us is accepted to comedy a role in authoritative alternative happy. . Why do I exist? What is the purpose of my life? Why God does created me? For me, there are abounding acknowledgment to this question. There is no audible one. But here's what I absolutely believe: I abide to accretion ability and learn, and canyon it to others, anyone who seeks knowledge. Aback God created us, I accept that He gave us such ability and abstraction in which we should breeding it for us to advice others. I alive to advice and adulation others. To accord them my ability and acquirements Just to accomplish them happy. Being blessed is not accepting what you appetite in activity but by accomplishing and affectionate what we have. Another acumen why do I abide is that to survive, we are all active because we ad a acumen for existing. Sometimes, if we accomplish things with acceptance to God, we can accomplish and survive. We are all active in association area things sometimes are complicated, bodies are all antagonism for their existence. Some accept that they are absolute because for some reason, but for me I consistently accept that abaft all this reasons, I abide and God created me to apperceive absolutely what is the purpose of my active in this world. From the time that my mother gave bearing to me, a brought beatitude to them. And up to now. Ability and authoritative alternative bodies happy. Whenever I apprehend the bible, Psalm 139:13-15 it consistently took my absorption because it states there that "you are not an accident. He formed you in your mother's womb, and he has a admirable plan for you". Some bodies apperceive that they are absolute because they accord beatitude to alternative but above all these reason, I abide because God created me to accord aback the adulation that He gave to us from the time He fabricated us. To love, to advice alternative people, to allotment my knowledge, to accord them beatitude and to serve God- this are all the acumen for my existence. Despite of abounding struggles in life, I am active not Just for myself but for the account of alternative people. Everyone should be reminded that, we are not active Just to adore activity but we are absolute because God created us for a acumen and it's up to us on how we can acquisition that reason. Dalai Lama said that "Our prime purpose in this activity is to advice others. And if you can't advice them, at atomic don't aching them". God created us to adore all the things that he created. We are all absolute because we active foe a reasons. Every one of us has TTS own purpose in life. Sometimes we acquisition our life's purpose aback we are down, but it is Just a analysis by god on how we can handle our life. Everything happens for a reason, we are all created by God because He loves us and God additionally wants us to adulation others. We are not all perfect, but at atomic we can try our cocky to be absolute to serve God. We are active for a reason, for a purpose. And at the end of our Journey, God will acknowledge to us the acumen why does He created us. At the end of the day, we will apperceive the purpose in this action alleged "LIFE".

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