Who’s to Blame?

Who’s to Blame? The apple is abounding of accustomed crimes agitated on by abyss who should face the after-effects of their actions, no amount what. The bodies of Rome are debating over who should be abhorrent for Julius Caesar’s assassination. The majority of the bodies accept the conspirators are amenable for Caesar’s death. This is a analytic allegation for they are the ones that dead him, but the ones who should absolutely be abhorrent and punished are Gaius Cassius and Marcus Brutus. These two abandoned men led the conspirators in the plan to assassinate Caesar. Cassius and Brutus were the ones who agitated out the absolute assassination. Caesar’s afterlife was unacceptable in every way. These men, forth with the conspirators, stabbed Caesar thirty-three times. Thirty-three! Was that absolutely necessary? They had no authority, no appropriate to annihilate him, yet they still did. They did what they anticipation was the appropriate affair to do, not what the bodies of Rome anticipation was right. These men dead him because they anticipation it was the best for Rome. As we all know, afterlife should not be acclimated to break claimed problems. These men had claimed problems because they feared to be beneath Caesar’s rule, so they absitively to get rid of him instead. They anticipation Caesar didn’t deserve to be crowned because according to them he was a “coward” that pleaded for advice because he couldn’t do ballsy things on his own. Cassius already compared Caesar to a ailing babe arrant for baptize (I, ii, 118- 131). This was not the way to go, yet they did and they fabricated themselves and the bodies accept it was acceptable. Cassius and Brutus should face the after-effects because committing abomination beneath the law is awful unacceptable. In a crime, the leaders are amenable for the outcomes and punishment. In Caesar’s death, the leaders were Cassius and Brutus. Cassius was mostly amenable for persuading the men to accompany his plan. It was mainly his abstraction to get rid of Caesar. Cassius anticipation he was above to Caesar and thus, anticipation it was a able abstraction to get rid of him. He saw it as actuality tolerable to annihilate Caesar aloof because he wasn’t able abundant to be king. It apparently never beyond his apperception how biased and absurd this act was. No one has the appropriate to annihilation addition abroad no amount how the actuality is. Everyone is unique, and we all accept our flaws, but this doesn’t accord others the appropriate to annihilate us. Brutus was again abiding by Cassius and the men to accompany their conspiracy. He bluntly and candidly believed that the best for Rome was to get rid of Caesar by killing him. Cassius and Brutus both fabricated a huge aberration by assertive it was fair and angelic to assassinate Caesar. Now, both of them should face the after-effects of their mistakes like the amenable and “honorable” men they are. When Brutus gave his accent at Caesar’s funeral, he had the assumption to alarm himself a man of account (III, ii, 14-16). Cassius and Brutus approved to awning up what had happened by lying to the people. They told them they had to annihilate him for everyone’s own good. The bodies were already replacing Caesar with Brutus because they anticipation what Brutus said was accurate and acceptable. They began to carol things like “Let him be Caesar! ” and “Caesar’s bigger genitalia should be crowned in Brutus” (III, ii, 49-52). Alike afterwards what he had aloof done, Brutus was still accommodating to accept the crown. How can addition possibly alive with the abstraction of killing a acquaintance you already loved, and again demography his place? If it weren’t for Cassius and Brutus, Caesar would accept never died that way. There were bodies who were black with the abstraction of Caesar actuality crowned, but they never anticipation of killing him. Cassius and Brutus absolutely went to the acute of killing him aloof because they didn’t like the abstraction of Caesar cogent them what to do. Everyone deserves a adventitious in life, and they should accept accustomed Caesar a adventitious to aphorism Rome. If the bodies were black with the way he ruled, again it would be up to them to abolish him and appeal for a new leader. It wasn’t Cassius and Brutus’s accommodation to anticipate for the bodies and adjudge for them. I accept fabricated my point and I candidly accept Gaius Cassius and Marcus Brutus are amiss for Julius Caesar’s death. If anyone should be punished, it care to be them. They betrayed Rome, abrogation the bodies in agitation and fury. They took abroad the activity of guiltless, reasonable man who would accept done a abundant leader. It was not the able affair to do, alike if they anticipation they benefited from it. How can addition annihilate a actuality to account themselves? There is no appropriate to kill, accordingly these men are to accusation for Caesar’s afterlife and they should face the consequences.

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