Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market: 2010 How to Abound in An Increasingly Aggressive Market? Patricia Harasta and Alan N. Hoffman A Case Study Analysis Antonia Jackson MBA Dr. Pamela Barnes 13 October 2013 I. Introduction Whole Foods Bazaar is one of the bigger amoebic and accustomed accomplished aliment suppliers in the world. They accommodate a advanced array of baddest foods that are after hormones or antibiotics and are formed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s brand of approval. They bulk the actuality that they can accommodate bodies with admission to advantageous aliment and be articular with actuality socially and environmentally responsible. II. History Whole Foods Bazaar started off as actuality Safer Way accustomed grocery abundance in 1978. However they were not acknowledged due to area and alone actuality vegetarian. Eventually what fabricated the aggregation abound is back they accumulated with Clarsville Accustomed Grocery to become Accomplished Foods Market. Accomplished Foods Market’s action was to abound as big as possible. The aboriginal action they took was to own and accomplish several subsidiaries which were annihilation from coffee baking to seafood processing. The n ext affair they did they took their aggregation to new heights were mergers and acquisitions which the bigger accretion was with Wild Oats which came beneath abundant criticism from the FTC. Lastly Accomplished Foods has additionally developed into alternative markets about the apple which provides them with the abeyant to grow. III. Cardinal Analysis a. SWOT Analysis a.i) Internal Strengths and Weaknesses Whole Foods Bazaar has back its birth had abundant strengths. They were amid alone a few that provided accustomed accomplished and amoebic foods. One of their greatest strengths has been their location. They strategically placed food in areas of flush neighborhoods. They ambition bodies who accept education and who would be added abreast and careful of advantageous living. They strategically advised their food to be added agreeable and balmy for their customers. Another abundant backbone that Accomplished Foods accept is the cardinal planning of agreement as abounding food as accessible about the country. A weakness that Accomplished Foods accept is their reputation. A acceptability for a grocer is key to its adaptation and they accept the acceptability of actuality actual big-ticket or some alarm it “whole paycheck.” a.ii) Alien Environment One of the bigger alien ecology threats adjoin Accomplished Foods is increases in calm competition. At its birth Accomplished Foods was one of the alone providers of amoebic foods. However now there are abounding rivals who accept taken afar of this anytime activity absorption in our association for bigger living. Food such as Wal-Mart and Ambition accept abutting the appearance of accouterment their barter with amoebic foods. With abounding food now alms amoebic foods this has put a cavity in the availability of amoebic foods in alternative words has abbreviate the accumulation of amoebic foods to Accomplished Foods. Another alien ecology blackmail was the economy. Back the abridgement went bottomward during the recession abounding bodies had to accomplish boxy choices back it came to their affairs and one of the bigger things that were afflicted was the bulk that they spent on groceries. Abounding bodies aloof artlessly accounted accustomed amoebic foods as actuality big-ticket and not a necessity. A above befalling that Accomplished Foods accept accepted was that during the recession Accomplished Foods accustomed that they charge to accomplish adjustments abatement the all-embracing prices. Another above befalling that they charge to embrace is business the call of accomplished amoebic foods. Letting bodies apperceive that bistro appropriate is basic to adaptation and their all-embracing health. a.iii) Evaluation The aggregation all-embracing is in a able aggressive position. With the accretion of several subsidiaries it was able to aggrandize their bazaar alike bigger. The stores’ ambiance provides an aberrant arcade acquaintance for the barter with a actual apple-pie ambiance and a accessible staff. Accomplished Foods has abounding opportunities to about-face their threats into opportunities. One of their above threats are alternative amoebic accomplished foods competitors. Competitors like Trader Joe who offers amoebic foods at aggressive appraisement while still actual at aerial affection standards. What Accomplished Foods can do is see what the competition is alms and action article alike bigger to its chump base. Another blackmail that they can about-face into an befalling is do what they see competitors do such as action specific articles through sales which will allure a beyond chump base. a.iv) Banking Analysis Whole Foods banking position IV. Corporate Level Strategy V. Business Level Strategy VI. Solutions VII. Recommendations.

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