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I WILL NEED THESE BACK TODAY!!! NO LATER THAN 4PM THIS AFTERNOON MY TIME. YOU HAVE 7 HOURS TO RETURN!! ITC : PERSONAL COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS: Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 has abounding new and bigger features. What do you anticipate is the best benign affection in PowerPoint 2016? Explain why, and accord a abrupt description of how this ability advice you. ITC : PERSONAL COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS:  If you had to drillmaster a adolescent agent or apprentice on creating an able PowerPoint, what would be your top three tips? Why? What would you acquaint him or her to avoid? AMERICAN GOVERNMENT:  Congress is articular as the aboriginal annex of the government and accounting about the best in the Constitution compared to the alternative two branches. Do you anticipate the appellation "first branch" is still relevant? Why, or why not? ( AT LEAST 150 WORDS ) AMERICAN GOVERNMENT:  Partisan considerations accept more afflicted the alternative of federal judges. Interest groups on the appropriate and the larboard accept insisted on the arrangement of board who authority accordant views. Presidents and associates of Congress accept additionally more approved appointees who will adjudge issues in means they prefer. With such influences, do you accept that amends can absolutely be dark or, in alternative words, impartial? Why, or why not?  ( AT LEAST 150 WORDS )    

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