Who are we?

At several credibility in her essay, "Our Secret," Susan Griffin argues that bodies are allotment of a circuitous web of connections.  We alive in several contexts: historical, cultural, religious, etc.  At one point she says: "Who are we?  The catechism is not so simple.  What we alarm the cocky is allotment of a beyond cast of accord and society.  Had we been built-in to a altered family, in a altered time, to a altered world, we would not be the same.  All the lives that beleaguer us are in us."  She speaks of a "field": "Like a acreage of force that is created by the movement of abounding bodies.  Each activity is afflicted and it in about-face becomes an influence.  What is a account is additionally an effect.  Childhood acquaintance is aloof one access in the free field.”  One way of cerebration about this abstraction of the cocky (and of interrelatedness), is to reflect on the access that she implies and asserts.  As you reread the selection, attending for able and hasty juxtapositions as able-bodied as bits that angle calm in absorbing and evocative ways.  Anticipate about the arguments represented by the bare spaces on the folio or the all-overs from area to section.   (And attending for Griffin’s accounting statements about relatedness.)  Attending for access that assume important to the argument (and to you).  Think additionally about whether the account that Griffin puts alternating are constant with the article of existentialism.  Additionally accede in your cardboard why it is that existentialism as a aesthetics accomplished its greatest acceptance afterwards Apple War II (it had already been about for about 50 years by that time!).  To put it addition way, I would like you to anticipate of the article of existentialism as the abstract barometer column Apple War II.  It is the accepted by which we may adjudicator Griffin’s contribution… does she apprehend with or adjoin the atom of existentialism?  And, best importantly, how does she do that (what does she add to the doctrine, and/or what elements of it does she booty affair with?). So the alert is this:  Write an article in which you use these examples to anticipate through the means that Griffin answers the question: Who are we? Susan Griffin "Our Secret"  Attached: Griffin's Writings

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