Who am I as a person essay

The accuracy is, you will never win in activity by actuality addition you are not. There will consistently be addition prettier and there will consistently be addition nicer, but there will never be addition you. It all starts out amazing, the day I accomplished I was not aloof a archetypal babe that I wasn’t like every alternative girls out there. I adulation cutting pants and sneakers instead of skirts and sandals, I adopt cutting polo shirt rather than dress and because I don’t accept a distinct dress on my cabinet, I adulation it back my hair’s consistently angry up instead of putting down, I don’t accept any abstraction about makeups and I don’t care, I adulation to accept to bond esplanade songs, I adulation watching absolute time activity movies rather than adventurous ball series, I like to eat back I’m apathetic and beddy-bye back I’m sad, and best of all I accept this mustache affair on my aperture and this adam’s angel on my neck. But as I footfall out and attending at the army the crisis settles abysmal in my gut as I angle actuality in advanced and the aplomb I accept with myself avalanche apart. Scared of what will bodies anticipate and how they will react, and the actuality that aggregate you are seems to be wrong. But who cares if I’m different? Who cares if my hair’s consistently angry up instead of putting down, who cares if instead of cutting skirts and sandals, I abrasion pants and sneakers, Who cares that I adore music that blares in my aerial , rather than the bendable flows of the music alternative bodies enjoy, who cares if I accept a blubbery beard aloft my aperture and an angel on my throat, like Who cares? We should be accustomed to be who we are whenever and wherever. Back we attending at the army , we shouldn’t be subjected to the looks that people, friends, and anybody gives us. We should be accustomed to be blessed for accomplishing what we adulation and to the things that fabricated us who we are, we should be admired for actuality altered because we're all altered in our own means and I am altered from you, aloof like you are altered from me.

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