What Type Of Business Are You Proposing To Start?

1) What blazon of business are you proposing to start? (That is, what is its prime action activity to be? What product/service will the business be selling)? I am proposing to alpha a skateboard bartering business. I will be affairs a array of scooters, skateboards, wheels, boards, helmets, bend and knee pads, charwoman products, skateboard magazines and accessories. A array of the nicest brands, which include: Face2Face, DC, Supreme, Billabong, Roxy, DJK, etc. 2) What name will you accord your proposed Business? Why accept you called this name? I will be allotment my business “Skateboard Mania”. I accept called this name because it will allure skateboarders, to boutique at my abundance and accumulation their skateboard needs. 3) Area is your proposed business activity to be located? Why accept you called this location? My business will be amid in Manly on the bank because there is a lot of Skateboarders in Manly and assorted skate parks such as; Manly Sk8 Park, Manlyvale, Keirle Park and more, area competitions are generally held. There is a ample access forth the bank as it’s accepted for area best teenagers skateboard and adhere out. 4) Justify why this is a baby business. Skateboard Mania will be a baby business because: - it will be endemic and operated by one being - it has beneath than 20 advisers - it is a sole banker - it is not ascendant in the industry. 5) Why did you accept this business? I accept called this business because I accept a affection for skateboarding, I adore the beach, continued skates forth the promenades and there is alone one skate boutique in Manly. 6) What aspects of the business do you plan to study? I plan to abstraction the afterward aspects: - Product or business abstraction and its abeyant - Staff and Administration Requirements - Market Assay - Financial assay and banknote breeze - Summary of the approaching affairs of the business. 7) How do you plan to access your information? 8) List any accessible problems or obstacles, you ability acquaintance back accomplishing this analysis task. - Poor time administration - After academy activities - Difficulty - Procostination. 9) Explain how you will present you work? My activity will be presented in a affectation binder afterward an egg-shaped presentation that will be done on Microsoft PowerPoint.

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