What is your political ideology and why (where’d it come from?)?

What is your political credo and why (where'd it appear from?)? Objective: To analyze your accepted political credo and reflect aloft your own political socialization Length: Approximately 2 pages (12-point font, bifold spaced) Grading: You will be graded on abounding achievement of  the assignment below. I'm allurement you to anticipate alarmingly about your own  political credo and socialization. You should advertence and ascertain  relevant agreement back all-important (political socialization, agents of  socialization, politics, etc). Grading will additionally booty into annual  quality of your assignment (length, spelling/grammar and effort). Assignment Take the “Political Typology” analysis begin here: http://www.people-press.org/quiz/political-typology/  Note: Pew's study/quiz is of their own making. They use the phrase typology instead of credo  to highlight the actuality that they are anecdotic ample categories of  political cerebration rather than specific ideology. Like all bookish  enterprises, their alignment and after-effects are up for debate. Please booty agenda that Pew MADE UP these typologies to advice allocate and array bodies based on their political lens.   Read your after-effects anxiously (I acclaim press them) and complete a 2-page absorption on the following:   Part 1: Reflect on the allegation of the political typology test.  Summarize the allegation - what typology was assigned to you? What does it mean?   Are you afraid or does this affirm what you already knew? What are some absorbing insights? Big takeaways? Do you accede with all of it or do you see areas area you feel oversimplified? Part 2: How has your political credo been afflicted by your “political socialization?” (See address addendum and reading).  What factors accept had the greatest aftereffect on your political  attitudes and opinions? Explain why the factors you articular are  important.   Think about: ancestors upbringing, education, media influences, above contest in your life, associate groups, geography, religion, etc. How will your ability of your own socialization appulse how you  listen and collaborate in this chic with those that see things from a  different perspectives?

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