What is the difference between confidentiality, privileged communication, and privacy?

   What is the aberration amid confidentiality, advantaged communication, and privacy?  Confidentiality Purpose A authentication of cerebral convenance is the aloofness and acquaintance that psychologists charge beam to assure the abundance of their clients. This affair will focus on the intricacies of advancement acquaintance and back it is appropriate by law to be disclosed. Objectives 1. Define acquaintance and its limitations and exceptions.   2. Examine situations area there may be a assignment to acquaint or assure third parties. 3. Introduction to HIPAA In best situations the law recognizes the psychologist(therapist)/patient relationship. There are exceptions. All states now accept rules for advertisement adolescent abuse, best accept rules for advertisement ancient abuse. The "Duty to Warn" (from Tarasoff) is generally accounting into the convenance act or rules of accompaniment attitude licensing boards but not in all jurisdictions. Indeed, there is no assignment to acquaint in some jurisdictions. This is complicated, because if you chase the law a actuality could be afflicted due to your abridgement of action. While there is no acknowledging (must do) claim to arbitrate in blackmail to others, you can accept that you will be begin behindhand if your accommodating is actively baleful and you do nothing.   Privilege relates to the acknowledged aegis from actuality affected to breach the apprehension of confidentiality. Parents are the holder of advantage for accessory accouchement but abounding jurisdictions acquiesce exceptions for some types of confidences.   Remember, like the advocate or priest, the acquaintance amid analyst and applicant is "sacred." It is adequate by law and tradition. However, unfortunately, some accompaniment laws more borrow on that basal element. Thus, psychologists face accretion battle amid their able ethics, their affair for clients, and their acknowledged obligations.

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