What Is Philosophy?

Instructions.  Before announcement on the discussion, accomplish abiding you apprehend the article, What Is Philosophy, and watch the video. Topic: Altercate in a accepted way; "What is philosophy?" General instructions for all appointment discussions: 1. Write in an bookish style. (This includes spelling, grammar, usage, etc. Scores may be bargain for austere problems.) 2. Support your position. 3. Cite the actual you are apropos to. Every column should accredit to bore actual or accompanying alfresco material. When it's actual from the module, use the adjustment method. Note that anniversary reading/video has commodity like (R1), (R2), or (V). Write commodity like R1, p.3 in your post. Anybody will be able to acquisition it. When it's alien material, use a accepted commendation method. (At atomic one of your posts charge use an alien citation. It should be a abundant antecedent apropos to the subject. Not the dictionary, Wikipedia, or a non-related source.) If you already acquaint two replies absolute citations, again you may column added comments with no citations. 4. Have fun responding to others. 5. This is the best difficult, but best acceptable part: Try to accomplish the absolute appointment a unified work, rather than 40 broken posts. 6. Rule for ALL appointment discussions: (1) You charge admit at atomic one thread. (2) You charge acknowledge to at atomic two alternative students' initiating posts. 7. To accede with the alfresco assets allotment of the Levels of Achievement cast (see below) use the sources accessible at the Aesthetics Assets Page. NOTE: I acerb acclaim account How To Have Productive Philosophical Conversations in the Assets area afore announcement anything. Also, apprehend the Sample Altercation Cilia to accord you a feel for what is accepted (length, content, tone, structure). _________________________________________________________________________________ Additional comments to advice you. I aloof accomplished teaching a actual agnate course. My observations resulted in the afterward tips: Read and watch the assigned actual afore posting. It is capital that you authenticate assurance with the material. DO NOT POST BEFORE READING ALL THE MATERIAL AND WATCHING THE VIDEOS. Be accustomed with the Grading Rubric in the blueprint above. Afore posting, analyze what you wrote to it. What Level of Achievement does it fit? Initiating posts are advised to alpha conversations. They charge accommodate new advice from the actual and should activate responses from anybody else.  Do not cut and adhesive added than one or two sentences. We all apprehend the bore material. Your job is to altercate it. File:  WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY? (R1) https://peralta.instructure.com/courses/33338/files/2184923/download?wrap=1 Required account #1 . Underlined portions are key account and terms.  WHY PHILOSOPHY IS EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS      (R2) https://peralta.instructure.com/courses/33338/files/2184894/download?wrap=1 Required account #2.   The_Use_of_Philosophy.m4v (30 minutes) (V) https://peralta.instructure.com/courses/33338/pages/video-the-use-of-philosophy Required viewing: Dr. Adler discusses anterior concepts. BONUS ARTICLE: HOW TO THINK ABOUT PHILOSOPHY    Actions  (R3) https://peralta.instructure.com/courses/33338/files/2184919/download?wrap=1 You can use this commodity to accomplish bigger posts on the forum.

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