What is most valued in modern day society?

What does an American noncombatant anticipate is added important; actuality their own actuality or applicable in with anybody else? It seems as if the avant-garde day American association appetite to fit into a belief that "everybody abroad is accomplishing it" you can acquaint based on the articles they purchase, or the accomplishments they take. We can acquaint Americans affliction about acquiescence added than actuality their own actuality because of the present day products. 7% percent f teenagers already accept an 'phone while 62% percent of teenagers say they are activity to acquirement an Angel 'phone for their abutting phone. 51% said they already endemic an angel artefact such as an pod, pad, or Mac. (philanderer. Com) If 47% of adolescence own an 'phone that alone leaves 53% to the alternative smartness. Added bodies accept an 'phone than any alternative smartened. This is a absolute archetype of acquiescence in America, anybody wants the latest and greatest. Articles do not stop at electronics, cast name accouterment and accessories. Many of these articles are Just as ell fabricated as alternative non-brand name articles but because of the characterization on the commodity not alone does the appeal go up, but so does the amount because there is ability that the cast name will accompany in added customers. Articles are not the alone affair that proves that avant-garde day Americans affliction added about acquiescence added than actuality an alone based on their actions. Bodies in this country will change about annihilation about themselves to "fit in" from their hair, their accomplish up, their accouterment to what they put into their bodies. Tobacco usage, for instance. Young bodies are added acceptable to smoke tobacco if their aeon smoke or if they see tobacco acceptance as a amusing normality. "Each day in the United States, added than 3,200 bodies adolescent than 18 years of age smoke their aboriginal cigarette, and an estimated 2,100 adolescence and adolescent adults who accept been casual smokers become circadian cigarette smokers" (Youth and Tobacco Use) If there was no amusing access on tobacco again why would bodies alpha smoker it? With all the ability we apperceive today about how armful tobacco is to a person's body, why would addition go out of their way to absorb money on cigarettes? Tobacco is a absolute archetype of acquiescence actuality admired added than individuality. All in all the articles purchased and the accomplishments taken by present day Americans acutely appearance that Americans amount acquiescence added than individuality. Acquiescence is not consistently a bad thing, sometimes a actuality ability adore applicable in' about or activity like they belong. It can be difficult sometimes to be an alone back it feels like the accomplished apple has addition abstraction of how things should be.

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