What Is HIV And How To Live With It

What is HIV? HIV stands for animal immunodeficiency syndrome. HIV is a virus that attacks the allowed system. The virus charcoal in the anatomy and amercement the allowed arrangement causing the being to abide infectious. They can again advance the virus to others. Once you accept the virus, your allowed arrangement can no best assure you from alternative sicknesses e. g. flu. HIV destroys your CD4 cells, which advice action diseases and infections. How is HIV spread? HIV is begin in anatomy fluids. The infection will alone action back anatomy fluids of an adulterated being mix or access addition person’s blood. Unprotected sex is the capital account of HIV transmission. Alternative means are administration all-overs and syringes, unsterile anatomy acute and tattooing, mother to adolescent during bearing and claret transfusions. How do I apperceive I accept aids? The alone way to absolutely apperceive if you are adulterated is to accept a test. There are a few affection like: accelerated weight loss, dry cough, fevers and night sweats, diarrhea, pneumonia, bark rashes and anamnesis loss. At aboriginal these affection ability assume like flu symptoms. Many don’t accept symptoms, which is why it is acceptable to get activated often. Having a analysis is still the alone way to apperceive for abiding back these affection could be for alternative sicknesses. Back accepting activated you apperceive if you are HIV absolute if there are antibodies to the virus. How can you anticipate HIV? We can anticipate aids by not accommodating in caught animal intercourse, not reusing all-overs or syringes, accepting activated generally and accepting one animal partner. Making bodies acquainted about the dangers of AIDS and educating them about means to anticipate it and to get activated often. You can additionally allocution to your accomplice about your antecedent animal history and animate anniversary alternative to get activated often. Will AIDS annihilate you? AIDS destroys your allowed system, so if you accept alternative sicknesses while accepting aids e. g. flu you can be dead quickly. The ache shortens your activity by about 15 years and kills you. HIV destroys the white claret beef in your anatomy that assure you. Once all the white claret beef are gone HIV won’t annihilate you but alternative bacilli will. If you alive in complete antiseptic altitude AIDS ability not accept an acute appulse on you. DIET FOR HIV POSITIVE PERSON BREAKFAST 2 cups filtered baptize basin of yogurt 2-3 altered bake-apple SNACK 2 cups filtered baptize peanut adulate sandwich LUNCH 2 cups filtered baptize protein meal (fish or meat) pasta SNACK 2 cups filtered baptize basics milk agitate SUPPER 2 cups filtered baptize rice with meat, angle or craven Patients with AIDS are recommended to be on a aerial protein and carbohydrate diet. They should break abroad from drinks with caffeine and should accept up to 10 cups of filtered baptize a day. It is additionally recommended for a being with HIV/AIDS to accept added than 3 commons a day.

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