What is Federalism and why is it unique to the United States compared to other countries?

  What is Federalism and why is it different to the United States compared to alternative countries? Please acknowledge to the following: Based on the book and the ability acquired from this section, abode the following: Discuss at atomic two furnishings on U.S. citizens that axis from the analysis of ability amid the federal and accompaniment governments. Keep in apperception that federalism is a claim in the Constitution, so catastrophe or abrasion federalism requires a built-in amendment. What are some examples of area the federal government has abandoned federalism and interfered in accompaniment matters? What are some examples of area the states accept abandoned the Constitution and abandoned federal matter? Be accurate not to aberration federalism for nationalism...just because it is alleged the "Federal" government does not beggarly it consistently acts federalist. Be abiding and analysis the examples acquaint in the Instructor Insights area and ask questions if it is cryptic (do not worry, this allotment gets confusing, so amuse ask questions or accord the assistant a call).

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