What is cognitive dissonance?

This cardboard is over the the commodity beneath including claimed experience. Here are the instructions: Write a 2-3 folio (double-spaced, 12-point font) article that addresses the afterward questions. Note that you do not charge to go in any array of order. Feel chargeless to anatomy the cardboard about you’d like and altercate any impressions you had of the account that are not prompted below, but accomplish abiding to additionally abode anniversary of the afterward prompts: What were your all-embracing impressions of the reading? Were you afraid by the admeasurement to which we absolve our decisions and/or are afraid to accept and accost our own mistakes? Provide two examples of cerebral antagonism of which you've been guilty.How did you boldness these issues? Did you change your attitudes, your behavior, or both? Why is it that we seem SO afraid to accomplish mistakes, be it at work, in school, etc.? Where do you anticipate this abhorrence comes from? Is there annihilation we can do to affected it? Do you anticipate that there is annihilation we can advise our accouchement or apprentice from a adolescent age that ability accomplish us beneath acceptable to abatement into a anomalous accompaniment or to be added accommodating to accept to our own hypocrisies?

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