What Does Patriotism Mean to Me

The actual analogue of bellicism cannot artlessly be authentic by a dictionary. In fact, no two bodies you accommodated will accept the aforementioned account of what it agency to them. From America’s Founding Fathers to adventuresome accustomed heroes confined in our aggressive at home and overseas, bellicism fills their hearts with the will to assure our country’s freedom. Bellicism is an immeasurable claimed appropriate apparent by altruistic acts in which a being serves their country and its people. I accept adulation for all bodies is why Neil Armstrong declared the abominable phrase, “One baby footfall for man, one behemothic bound for mankind.” However, burying the US banderole gave every engineer, adolescent astronauts and millions of citizens on earth, an overflowing faculty of pride to be an American. This act of not alone symbolizes we were the aboriginal nation to appointment the moon, but unified a affectionate spirit captivated abysmal central us all. In my opinion, Mr. Armstrong acquainted the efforts of anybody at NASA and the abutment of all Americans in one book was genius, and actual patriotic. During World War II, there was a all-inclusive curtailment of workers bare to aftermath ammunition food to advice the Allies win the war. Out of adulation for their men put in harm’s way, millions of women stepped up answering the alarm for their country. This arduous adamantine accomplished activity included architecture ships, aircraft, cartage and weaponry. What would you alarm the admiration which abounding their hearts, giving them backbone and courage to do so alleged man’s work? I would acknowledge these women were aloof as affectionate as the 400,000 women served in the armed armament and 460 who absent their lives. Bellicism is in all our hearts, which is area I anticipate “Red-Blooded Americans” cliché, charge derive. From aboriginal colonists angry the absolutism of England aphorism to collapsed able-bodied known-veterans like Pat Tillman, they were apprenticed by a accepted bond. You and I may not apprehend it aural ourselves, but the best altruistic act for one’s country or adolescent people, can activate the bellicism in all of us.

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