What did the people of the Upper Paleolithic period eat and how did they obtain this food?

Throughout Africa, the Middle West, Asia, the Americas, and Australia, complicated and busy technologies and alternative cultural adorning artifacts are begin in affluence (Scupin, 2008). This is accepted as the Upper Paleolithic period, which anachronous amid 40,000 and 10,000 years ago. This was the ancient era of beastly development and transformation of the absolute beastly breed from apelike to accurate Homo sapiens. During this period, the development of specialized tools, weapons, engraving, sculptures, and cavern painting were formed. This change was the longest and it advance over three after periods. The key development that came out of this period, were the conception of accoutrement and weapons, which were fabricated of stone, copse and bone. Upper Paleolithic hunter-gatherers lived in areas that was affluent of assets and captivated a cogent bulk of meat. Today’s technology reveals that aboriginal avant-garde Homo sapiens were able and accomplished hunters. Not alone did they accomplish tools, but they developed weapons with long, attenuated blades (known as harpoons) acclimated for hunting. They became abundant extra throwers with acceptable accuracy. The weapons helped the Upper Paleolithic assure themselves as able-bodied as advice from any abuse during their hunting trips. Vast bulk of beastly bones, both ample and small, were begin at the basal of aerial cliffs. This adumbrated that hunters not alone acclimated their weapon to kill, but use their weapons as aid by stampeding the animals off the cliffs. This would acquiesce alternative hunters to delay and boner the asleep animals at the basal of the cliff. Upper Paleolithic bodies additionally aggregate fish, shellfish, abounding vegetables, fruit, insects, and plants to supplement their aliment resources. Plants were apparently acclimated for both comestible and alleviative purposes (Scupin, 2008). Having alternative resources, alternative than hunting, accredit Paleolithic foragers to accept abundant aliment after accretion boundless bulk of energy. In conclusion, the Upper Paleolithic was characterized by college assimilation of meat and lower assimilation of alternative resources. They developed their own accoutrement and weapons, fabricated of stone, copse and bone, which fabricated them accomplished hunters. They access their aliment through their use of weapons and cardinal planning and took advantage of the breadth resources.

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