What Can Nurses Do?

What Can Nurses Do?

Many people, best of them in close countries of the Third World, die of preventable, curable diseases. . . . Malaria, tuberculosis, astute lower-respiratory infections—in 1998, these claimed 6.1 actor lives. Bodies died because the drugs to amusement those illnesses are absent or are no best effective. They died because it doesn’t pay to accumulate them alive.
–Ken Silverstein, Millions for Viagra. Pennies for Diseases of the Poor, The Nation, July 19, 1999

Unfortunately, back 1998, little has changed. For abounding individuals active in bankrupt arrested countries, alike basal medical affliction is difficult to obtain. Although all-embracing agencies sponsor beat programs and corporations, and although nonprofit organizations accord appurtenances and services, the akin of bloom affliction charcoal far beneath what is all-important to accommodated the needs of disturbing populations. Polluted baptize supplies, bedraggled conditions, and poor diet alone aggravate the poor bloom accustomed in these environments. Nurses alive in developed nations accept abounding opportunities/advantages that about are not accessible to those in arrested countries. What can nurses do to abutment their all-embracing colleagues and apostle for the poor and underserved of the world?

In this Discussion, you will accede the challenges of accouterment bloom affliction for the world’s neediest citizens, as able-bodied as how nurses can apostle for these citizens.

To prepare:

  • Consider the challenges of accouterment bloom affliction in arrested countries.
  • Conduct analysis in the Walden Library and alternative reliable assets to actuate strategies actuality acclimated to abode these challenges.
  • Using this week’s Learning Resources, agenda the factors that appulse the adeptness of individuals in arrested nations to access able bloom care.
  • Consider strategies nurses can use to apostle for bloom affliction at the all-around level. What can one assistant do to accomplish a difference?

Post by Day 3 a description of at atomic two challenges accompanying to accouterment able bloom affliction in arrested countries. Then, call two strategies you ability use to abode those challenges, and explain why. Finally, call one action nurses ability use in advocating for bloom affliction at the all-around level, and explain why this would be an able strategy.


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      The affiliate showcases altered models of bloom affliction systems in adjustment to advice policymakers and managers alarmingly appraise and advance bloom affliction in the Affiliated States.
    • Chapter 10, “The Bloom Workforce” (pp. 213-225)

      Review this area of Affiliate 10, which capacity bloom workforce issues for nurses and assistant practitioners.
  • Milstead, J. A. (2013). Health action and politics: A nurse's guide (Laureate Education, Inc., custom ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.
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    This commodity capacity a qualitative abstraction that was conducted to analyze the barriers to primary affliction admiration to poverty. The authors amplify a array of bloom impacts attributable to poverty.
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    This commodity states that abounding countries will accept to ameliorate their behavior and advance account commitment to accomplish added spending able because the added aid for apprenticeship and bloom with not be enough.

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