What Bring Students To Multimedia University Education Essay

During this era of globalization, added and added bounded universities in Malaysia action assorted degrees for acceptance who ambition to added their studies. Best of the college acquirements academy has affection but beneath able academy which not accustomed by the Admiral of Apprenticeship additionally exist. In Malaysia, there are two types of Institutions of College Education. These two types of institutions of college acquirements are Accessible Institutions of College Acquirements (IPTA) and Clandestine Institutions of College Acquirements (IPTS).

Higher apprenticeship in Malaysia has accomplished cachet as a cardinal commodity exports. This action has been accustomed by both bodies to authorize assorted forms of clandestine college apprenticeship institutions either abandoned or coact with institutions of college apprenticeship and bounded accessible institutions of college apprenticeship abroad. To ensure the beforehand of clandestine college apprenticeship was conducted in healthy, Parliament has accustomed two accompanying acts in 1996, the Clandestine College Apprenticeship Act (Act 555) and Civic Accreditation Board Act (Act 556).

Private College Apprenticeship Act to act acclimation the enactment and administering of clandestine educational institutions in adjustment to board aerial affection educational ambiance for all the acceptance abnormally for the acceptance from our country, Malaysia.

Both types of institutions of college acquirements charge accept this acceptance from Malaysians Qualifications Agency (MQA). The capital role of MQA is to apparatus the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (Australian Qualifications Framework, MQF) as a foundation of college apprenticeship affection affirmation arrangement and a advertence point civic accommodation belief and standards. MQA act as a distinct anatomy administering and analogous affection affirmation and accreditation of college education. MQA additionally functioned to beforehand Malaysian accomplishment Register (MQR).

Multimedia University (MMU) is one of the abounding college acquirements institutions which accept been accustomed by the admiral of college acquirements and Malaysia Accomplishment Agencies (MQA). As the aboriginal government-proved of college learning, Multimedia University (MMU) is not alone accustomed at Malaysia but at some of adopted country such as United Kingdom, Iran etc.. Nowadays MMU is accustomed as one of the top clandestine universities in Malaysia with about 20,000 acceptance at both Melaka and Cyberjaya branch. In adjustment to be a arch university that propagates the bearing and broadcasting of adeptness in acid bend technologies, Multimedia University tries to beforehand their account anniversary day with its mission to which are to bear affection bookish affairs based on advanced R&D, allure and breeding affection minds who will accord appear the all-around adeptness economy, brainwash a able analysis adeptness aural a dynamic, able and able aggregation of bookish and abutment staff, to be financially independent via apprenticeship and the commercialization of R&D articles and services.

Multimedia University (MMU) which has been accustomed on 1996 and barrage on 9 July 1999 by Malaysia 4th Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed plays an important role in accouterment a apple chic apprenticeship aural the breadth of abstraction of telecommunication, multimedia computers, agenda art, animation, advice technology, software development, and management. Multimedia University which accept launched by Malaysia Prime Minister at that accepted time, adumbrated albatross for it to be a absolutely apple chic academy and become a agitator of MSC and additionally the nation.


The capital purpose of this analysis activity is to conduct a analysis on “What Bring Acceptance to Abstraction in Multimedia University (MMU)”. Basically, abounding acceptance intend to accept Multimedia University (MMU) rather than alternative universities. So, aboriginal of all, we would like to apperceive what are the factors that animate acceptance to abide their studies in Multimedia University (MMU)? We additionally appetite to apperceive what are the advantages of belief in MMU compared with alternative institutions of college acquirements whether accessible academy or clandestine institution. We additionally appetite to actuate whether acceptance accept to abstraction at MMU because it has college affection and accustomed about the apple or due to the alternative reasons.

This analysis was conducted to accomplish abiding that the Multimedia University (MMU) will consistently be listed as one of the top universities in Malaysia and throughout the world. We would additionally appetite to accomplish abiding that MMU will beforehand all the weaknesses and beforehand the administering arrangement to ensure that acceptance would accept acceptable and affection casework from MMU.


The ambit of this analysis would be based on acceptance in Multimedia University (MMU) for Cyberjaya campus only. Acceptance in Multimedia University (MMU) Melaka campus will not included in our research. Our aftereffect has adumbrated that acceptance are best generally to accept Multimedia University rather than alternative universities.

This is based on the statistics we accept acquired during the acquisition of information. The advice acutely shows that acceptance are added absorbed in allotment MMU as their adopted university compared with alternative universities.


To acknowledgment our analysis questions we handed out analysis that covers students’ accomplishments to accomplish allegation as somewhat absolute as possible. From catechism 1 to 5 that is amid in associate A, we ask for the acknowledging accomplishments or accepted advice about them, such as faculty, antecedent of accounts and alternative that are related. Allegation of the apprentice accomplishments would advice to see the arrangement in student’s background. If aback assorted arrangement begin in apprentice of MMU, we could accomplish that MMU accept apprentice with assorted accomplishments and not aloof from a type/group in the society.

Question in area A, area B, and area C abide in, before, during and afterwards timeline. The acumen is acceptance that absorbed in belief at Multimedia University Cyberjaya accept altered affidavit in allotment MMU as abode to abide their college learning. Area some acceptance affair in afterwards affect of belief in MMU, and some maybe affair added in during belief in MMU. The aftereffect will advice highlight the absolute advantages MMU Cyberjaya accept from alternative universities, appropriately answering our analysis question.

With award the advantages that allure apprentice to MMU Cyberjaya aural the before, during and afterwards timeline, it could beforehand the compassionate and acquisition the added accurate abstracts from the MMU apprentice themselves. Area from this allegation MMU could accent added on this called categories in their promotions, this would access the adequacy of beforehand of MMU.

By alive area or how the apprentice best apprehend about MMU could advice in award the best able way of announcement Multimedia University. By now this analysis has the award that could advice in accretion the adequacy and adeptness in announcement Multimedia University to approaching students. Appropriately this achieves the accent of the research, to beforehand Multimedia University.

The allegation of the analysis would analyze our affair and acknowledgment our analysis questions which our allegation are from accepted acceptance in Multimedia University that we get by application questionnaire. It alcove our ambit and additionally with assorted categories. Appropriately it will able us to accept varieties of allegation to get a bigger appearance or aftereffect from the students.

The aggregate of this basic or amalgam of it should awning our issues and the accomplished research. Issues and the accomplished analysis that is including the analysis questions, botheration and accent of the accomplished analysis itself. This abstract helps in allegorical how to acquisition accordant advice or findings, so that alcove the purpose and the accent of the research.

This analysis analysis which abide 10 questions, like declared aloft awning the apprentice background, accepted and what they achievement to accomplish in the approaching as a Multimedia University Cyberjaya student. Catechism 1 until 5 will be accoutrement the apprentice background. This is important as aftereffect can be use in free the Multimedia apprentice trait. Apprentice again will be put as a adjudicator in chief accepted Multimedia University Cyberjaya achievement on the 6th to 7th question. On the 8th of the question, user needs to ample up their apprehension in the approaching afterwards admission Multimedia University Cyberjaya. This catechism advised to be put up to apperceive whether the apprentice see a ablaze approaching at Multimedia University.

Why claimed advice is important for our research?

In this section, claimed advice is bare for our researches for us indentify from which adroitness and akin of abstraction is they acceptance to, the chase of apprentice which is compulsatory for us to acquisition the majority of apprentice in MMU either they are all-embracing or bounded student.

In this area additionally we charge to apperceive how they administrate their banking to abstraction in MMU. For bounded apprentice of beforehand we apperceive some of them adeptness do accommodation from PTPTN or MARA but for international, we do not apperceive either they been sponsored by assertive alignment or cocky paying.

In area C, abide of 2 types of analysis which is assorted choices of catechism and advancing question. For accessible ended, qualitative abstracts is our greatest befalling to get actionable advice from this survey. The alternative and agreement of qualitative analysis items is alike added important than for quantitative items. This is because you cannot ask about as abounding items that crave bodies to acknowledge freely. At most, you can apparently alone ask a scattering of such items, so it is important to get them right.

Literature Review

A boundless of amplification of college acquirements academy in Malaysia is on arising nowadays. All academy keeps aggressive in adjustment to be the best Universities. Multimedia University that were accustomed on 1996 which are the aboriginal clandestine government accustomed university at Malaysia that are advised to serve Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) and the added association by creating assorted educational opportunities still activity able throughout the year. So questions arise, what brings apprentice to MMU? Despite there is so abundant advantage abreast from Multimedia University in college acquirements sector, apprentice still are advancing every year afterwards barring on bounded or all-embracing student.

Taken from the statistics of student’s citizenry in Multimedia University as at 31 December 2009, we begin that it has alcove out to 20404 that board Multimedia University both of Melaka and Cyberjaya campus and associate Colleges. From 2005 to 2009, cardinal of graduates added year by year although hardly falling in 2007 onwards. This accessory abatement is alone alter by beneath 30 student, appropriately this abatement is could accept abounding factors that we accede as ambiguous. Multimedia University apprentice abide of apprentice from assorted country and abstemious all over the apple from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe area the totals of 75 countries excluding Malaysia and still counting.

Students that accept to abstraction in Multimedia University are advancing assorted level, from foundation to Master akin and additionally Doctor of Philosophy akin (PhD). As from the year 2000 to the year of 2009, the absolute cardinal of graduates keeps increasing, and accomplished the admirable absolute of 22840 on 2009 area the bulk are aggregate of graduates of All-embracing and bounded students. Both numbers of all-embracing students’ graduates added aback 2001.

When the numbers of graduates are burst bottomward by levels, there is an asperous arrangement of access and decrease. Admitting the arrangement of access and abatement are not that cogent the accessible akin (degree) in the year 2004, admitting it access aback on the afterward year till 2009. As acquired of this is cryptic as there would be assorted affidavit to account it to happen. But as a acceptance on the abatement of bulk students, as apparently the accident of tsunami hit Malaysia in 2004. That is best of the all-embracing apprentice in Multimedia University accompany their abstraction in bulk level, rather than foundation or diploma.

From accretion of graduates year by year, we accomplish that acceptance are absorbed in continuing abstraction in Multimedia University. Area apprentice who are not absorbed would bead out and acquisition bigger university that allure them most. That is because acceptance accumulate accusatory but they still abide their abstraction in Multimedia University, this additionally shows that acceptance absorbed and adopt to abstraction in Multimedia University.

With this analysis we are able to attenuated bottomward some of the factors that accord to accomplish Multimedia University as one of their choices to accompany their study, area the aftereffect would not be absolute of accept audible answer. With this analysis would additionally acquisition the best able average to beforehand Multimedia University as stated.

From the access in the cardinal of graduates anniversary year from the year 2000, shows that numbers of acceptance enrolled in Multimedia University increased. The advancing access additionally shows that Multimedia University accept been the best for abounding to accompany their study, appropriately this analysis is to acquisition out what above factors that allure acceptance to Multimedia University. The account of factors could be endless, for that this analysis would aftereffect in the narrowed bottomward of the factors, as it is added acquiescent answers to the analysis questions.

As to abutment the purpose of this research, numbers of graduates are kept accretion appropriately assuming acceptance that enrolled in Multimedia University accept been advancing their abstraction till they are graduating. As this to abutment the analysis questions, which is what factors that animate the acceptance to access Multimedia University.

Multimedia University Melaka and Cyberjaya campus both accept differences in numbers of adroitness and courses offered at the accurate campus. Area some courses are not provided or not accessible at either of the campus, this somehow counterbalanced the allowance of cardinal of apprentice differences. Faculties in Cyberjaya campus are Adroitness of Engineering, Adroitness of Advice Technology, Adroitness of Creative Multimedia, Adroitness of Administering and Centre of Foundation studies and addendum Apprenticeship or mostly apperceive as FOSEE. While in Melaka campus Adroitness of Engineering Technology, Adroitness of Advice Science and Technology, Adroitness of Business Law, Centre of Foundation Studies and Addendum Apprenticeship (FOSEE) and Centre for beforehand Authority Program.

Multimedia University is in ally with abounding of companies and additionally alternative universities. They are additionally varies in adeptness where, best of the adroitness in Multimedia University had partnered with aggregation and some of them actual able-bodied accepted in the corresponding field. Adroitness of Creative Multimedia is in ally with abounding media agencies and alternative universities alfresco Malaysia which is Adroitness of Engineering is in ally with companies in the Analysis and development acreage (R&D). Adroitness of Advice Technology is in ally with assorted companies that are alive in the advice technology field.

According to the analysis by times online ‘Good University Guide’, universities are rated in 8 categories area the best universities accept the accomplished accumulated account in the 8 categories. The 8 categories are apprentice satisfaction, analysis quality, apprentice and agents ratio, casework & accessories spend, access standards, completion, acceptable honors, alum prospects. Although this analysis is evaluating universities about United Kingdom, as for the adjustment of evaluating an apprenticeship academy there would not be a actual abundant differences amid universities in altered country or continent.

The aboriginal class is apprentice achievement it is the accepted overview of the apprentice on the institution. This is the aboriginal to be appraise because of the best important role in an academy are the students. Because of the acceptance would apparently end or stop to abide their studies in an unsatisfying institution. This is additionally the aboriginal category, because the acceptance is the one that are application and collaborate with the agents and administering and system.

Next is the analysis quality, area analysis affection is additionally important as a average portray adequacy of an academy to aftermath affection graduates. The analysis by the associates of the university additionally portray the university accept the adeptness to aftermath graduates that are accordant and able to be an contributor to the industry, area by these alum can accomplish the industry needs that is not aloof abreast artisan but additionally calmly on. This shows that the adeptness the graduates acquired is accordant or met the adeptness bare in the absolute alive world, and best chiefly the graduates apperceive to administrate their knowledge.

Student and agents arrangement is to appraise the administering of the institution. That is how able-bodied the academy manages to ascendancy the acceptance and administrate the accomplished institution. This will appearance how bland or adapt an academy are with the authoritative task. Apprentice and agents arrangement can additionally appearance that is the acceptance are accomplished in a baby or ample group. Either it is bigger and added able to advise acceptance in a abate group. Not aloof arrangement on lecturers, staffs in the non-educational analysis such as the administering are additionally important to accomplish abiding all the authoritative assignment can be administration finer and efficiently.

Service and accessories absorb of an academy will appearance how the academy administrate the abundance of their members, the acceptance and additionally staff. Accessories provided such as acceptable labs for the students, and abode halls that can board the acceptance in any accustomed time. Accessories are not aloof the above basement of an institution, area it is additionally important to board accessory accessories that would brings abundant allowances for example, acceptable parking spaces, sports complex, auberge or dormitory, aliment court, abandoned space/relocate amplitude for contest and additionally emergency. Alternative forms of casework should be accessible for acceptance are counseling and banking abetment to the students. Area by academy should abetment in giving account or acquaint to the acceptance any banking abetment that is accessible to them to apply.

Entry standards are the access requirements set by the institution, which is to analysis whether bodies are acceptable to administrate or to accept in the called institution. Access standards are for the academy to antithesis their accepted and rating, area by an academy would adopt the affection acceptance to enroll. And access accepted is area the acceptance can get the apprehension of the acquirements akin of that institution. Area is academy with college requirements best acceptable accepting the toughest akin of learning?

Another class appraise by the times online is completion, achievement in their analysis is the cardinal of apprentice auspiciously completed their study. This somehow accompanying with apprentice achievement area apprentice who are not annoyed with their university would best apparently leave for a bigger institution. Either it may be an cryptic agency on that. Acceptable ceremoniousness are the best accepted appraisal class for an apprenticeship institution. Acceptable ceremoniousness in this agency universities that aftermath the accomplished bulk of acceptance with aerial grades. As this additionally the point for parents and approaching apprentice attending for in a university as able-bodied as alternative features.

A alum anticipation is the approaching achievability or expectations of the alum afterwards achievement of study. The academy with the accomplished account in this class agency that, best of its graduates are active and not aloof that, they become acknowledged or become and important role in the association or society. Apprentice from this academy were looked up by firms, companies and establishments as the university or academy has the acceptable name of bearing acceptable approaching artisan that accommodated their industry requirements.

The 8 categories fabricated to appraise the universities are actual able-bodied combined, area as the analysis shows what is that accurate university backbone or advantage and additionally what that accurate university abridgement of. This analysis can advice evaluated universities to beforehand their account that is to win over students. And not aloof that it would be a abundant way to allure parents to advance their money to an apprenticeship arrangement that they can assurance for their children.

From the analysis by times online we took out the categories to appraise Multimedia University, that is to begin out what allure the accepted acceptance of Multimedia University of allotment Multimedia University as their best of institution. This will advice in our analysis to attenuated bottomward and bare few ambiguities on factors that makes Multimedia University the called university amid alternative university not aloof to the bounded apprentice (Malaysia) but additionally the all-embracing student.

Nowadays there accept been an accretion cardinal of universities set up in Malaysia. Thus, every apprentice knew that they charge accept to accept the best abode for them to added their study. It is because it furnishings a lots of the acceptance approaching life. For example, after on aback they finishing their studies and applying for job position in one of the aggregation in Malaysia or out of country, the aggregation that the apprentice applying for job adeptness accompaniment that the apprentice antecedent university is not admit by that aggregation and the affidavit additionally adeptness afflicted and apparently the apprentice will loosing the job alike they accept a acceptable result. There is some of the cases that appear like this, but not best of the aggregation will carefully accomplishing that way, they adeptness accede the apprentice results. Whatever it is, the apprentice charge booty an aboriginal anticipation so that after on there is no botheration like this will arise.

The apprentice charge apperceive if the university that they appetite to access is approval by the Admiral of College Apprenticeship (MOHE) or not. It is important for all of the university and colleges in Malaysia charge accept approval accreditation by The Civic Accreditation Board and acceptance of programmed by able bodies or by the accessible account administration (JPA). According to our research, as appropriate by area 38, Clandestine College Apprenticeship Act 555, all Clandestine College Educational Institutions (PHEI) are not accustomed to conduct any bookish affairs afterwards the approval from the Admiral of College Education. Therefore, Multimedia University is one of the clandestine university’s in Malaysia that had gone through all the action that appropriate them to be approval by MOHE. Multimedia University additionally seeks for acceptance by able bodies such as Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) and Malaysian Association of Certified Accessible Accountants (MICPA). It is all-important to accept the acceptance by these able bodies to accredit graduates from the programmes to accretion able recognition. In contrast, the acceptance from Accessible Account Administration (JPA) is all-important to accredit graduates to be active in the Accessible or Government sector. Afterwards this, graduates can alone accretion application in the clandestine sector.

If all university in Malaysia had done the action of approval from this accurate department, so the apprentice can accept any of the university that we accept and not actuality abashed if their affidavit is not certified and they can’t be employed. But what is absolutely the capital affair that important in allotment a appropriate university? To acknowledgment this, we accept to apperceive apprentice apprehension on the university. According to my analysis on a analysis of Yvonne Hill, Laurie Lomas and Janet MacGregor, they states that there is four expectations that emerged in affiliation to what acceptance perceived affection apprenticeship to be. It includes affection of the lecturer, apprentice assurance with learning, amusing or affecting abutment systems and assets of library and IT. Hence, all four expectations that they had accompaniment is the best important affair that every university should accede charge accept and apply. This analysis indicates that apprentice apprehend added on acquirements abode and sources that they can calmly get from university to advance their study. Therefore, Multimedia University are one of the abode that every apprentice apprehend on. According to commodity of Reaz, M. Hussain, S., & Khadem, (2007), In a actual abbreviate amount of time, Multimedia University approaches the admeasurement of agenda acquirements systems, e-governance throughout the accompanying campuses, and the best accomplishing of multimedia-based appearance in the academy system. Hence, this will abutment that Multimedia University consistently provides acceptable casework to all of their students. Alike nowadays, Multimedia University had consistently upgrades their casework to be bigger and to be the best amid the rest.

In addition, Multimedia University had done abounding things in announcement the university to allure acceptance from all over the country. According to Donaldson and McNicholas (2004), the reputation, attributes of the courses, area and address, banking considerations, facilities, amusing altitude of the department, programme anatomy and accreditation factors access apprentice best of academy and beforehand for studies. There are several belief that allure apprentice to added their abstraction in university. It includes absorption in the accountable for example, claimed preference, adeptness in administration the accountable matter, arduous and enjoyable. It additionally includes access of others such as admiral and parents. Besides that career additionally access apprentice in allotment their university. For archetype advantage in the way of earning abeyant and earning growth, job availability and beforehand in the way of application befalling and advance befalling and after job claim that crave to ambidextrous with bodies and aggregation work. Therefore, Multimedia University consistently do a analysis and analysis to acquisition out what that they accept to do to beforehand their accessories and casework to all students. This will advice the universities to be active with what are the needs and claim that they accept to board and fulfill.

Multimedia University consistently gave a actual detail blueprint and board abounding assets about their universities in abounding antecedent of advice such as internet, web pages, TV and bi-weekly advertisement. Besides that Multimedia University additionally had done a actual able means to beforehand or bazaar their universities such as involving in apprenticeship exhibition fair, administer brochures and authoritative posters. According to Mayer et al. (1999), advice technologies, such as CD’s and DVD’s in university announcement and web folio properties, accept been advised before. Brochures, posters, meetings, sponsorships and billboards, web pages, TV, and bi-weekly advertisement are mostly acclimated as some advice accoutrement for university selection. Therefore, it is important for every aggregation including university to accept all that it takes to beforehand and bazaar their artefact or services.

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