West Side Story Spin on Romeo and Juliet

Fiction, whether it is a movie, comedy or a adventure depicts an array of animal emotions. Although bodies acquaintance a array of emotions, the best affecting amid them is the activity of love. Adulation has assorted forms, it can be the affectionately adulation of a mother, the affectionate adulation of a acquaintance or the amorous adulation of a adolescent actuality for his/her lover. Abundant belief and plays accept been accounting depicting this amorous love. This anatomy of adulation is a admired accountable of filmmakers; lovers are portrayed in the movies time afterwards time. The audiences are admiring to the adventurous assuming of adulation in these movies. One such account of adulation is “Romeo and Juliet”, a comedy accounting by William Shakespeare. The axial characters in the comedy are the adolescent lovers, Romeo and Juliet who accept become the apotheosis of adolescent lovers all over the world. This tragical adulation adventure has been the accountable of abounding movies. The best acclaimed cine which is a adjustment of the adventurous tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is the “West Side Story”, directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins. Although the artifice of the cine “West Side Story” is based on the comedy “Romeo and Juliet”, there are differences as far as the administration and the end of the cine is concerned. Portrayal of Romeo and Juliet The comedy “Romeo and Juliet”, a adventurous tragedy by Shakespeare, depicts the adventure of two lovers who accommodated a adverse end in the advance of their adulation story. The comedy is set in the burghal of Verona, area families of Capulet and Montague are frequently affronted adjoin anniversary other. Amidst this animosity, Romeo, the son of Montague and Juliet, the babe of Capulet abatement in adulation the actual moment they see anniversary alternative in a party. But fate leads them to their adverse end, as both the lovers annihilate themselves. West Side Story” by Robert Wise, is an adjustment of the archetypal adulation story, Romeo and Juliet. The adventure has been acclimatized according to the needs of avant-garde times. The altercation families are replaced by the American gang, the Jets and the assemblage from Puerto Rica, the Sharks. The Jets abhorrence the Sharks, for they anticipate that the Sharks accept invaded their territory. The adolescent lovers in the cine are Tony, a affiliate of the Jets assemblage and Maria who is the sister of Bernardo, the baton of Sharks gang. Tony and Maria abatement for anniversary alternative back they accommodated at a ball party. They adulation anniversary alternative passionately, apathy the altercation amid their corresponding gangs. In a action amid Riff and Bernardo, Riff is asleep by Bernardo. Infuriated at the afterlife of his best friend, Tony kills Bernardo. Back Tony explains the bearings to Maria, she forgives Tony for killing her brother as she is acutely in adulation with him. But Tony is asleep by Chino, a affiliate of Sharks assemblage back Tony comes out in the streets, aloft audition the amiss bulletin of Maria’s death. Maria is burst by the afterlife of Tony as fate snatches abroad her adulation from her. The archetypal account of adulation of Romeo and Juliet is portrayed in the cine in a acclimatized ambience and manner. Administration The appearance adopted by Robert Wise in the cine differs from the comedy “Romeo and Juliet”. The adventurous account of Romeo and Juliet is depicted in the cine in an burghal ambience and in acclimatized circumstances. The avant-garde association in the cine is in tune with the present times. The cine with its adventure of adventurous love, accomplished music and active ball catches the absorption of the audiences. The cine succeeds in capturing the animation of the adolescence through the active dancing. The breakable adulation which blooms amidst the abhorrence and acrimony of the gangs touches the heart. The affection depicted in the cine is agnate to the affection of Romeo and Juliet but the announcement of their adulation and the ambience in which Tony and Maria accommodated are different. The avant-garde appearance presented in the cine brings alternating the old adventure of Romeo and Juliet in a new and adorable form. The songs and dances in the cine accomplish the adventure added active and vivacious. The cine is acclimatized to clothing the tastes of bodies in the avant-garde times who appearance cine as a antecedent of ball and leisure. The ambiance and the characters in the cine reflect the association in which the audiences are arch their lives. The ambience of the comedy “Romeo and Juliet” is far acclimatized from the ambiance of the avant-garde society. Changes There are abundant changes in the cine back compared to the artifice of the comedy “Romeo and Juliet”. The acrimony amid the families of Romeo and Juliet is depicted through the acrimony of the Jets assemblage and Sharks gang. The artifice is additionally afflicted according to the needs of a movie. In the comedy “Romeo and Juliet”, Romeo and Juliet ally secretly but in the cine Tony and Maria never get married. Fate plays an important role in the adverse adventure of Romeo and Juliet. It is this fate that leads to the afterlife of Romeo and Juliet. But in the movie, the afterlife of Tony is caused, attributable to the acrimony of the Jets assemblage and the Sharks gang. “It is not a catholic confounding but affronted battery that kills Tony, and Maria doesn't die at all; she snatches the gun and threatens to shoot herself, but drops it -- conceivably because suicide would accept been too abundant a amount for the cine to carry. (Ebert). The catastrophe of the cine is additionally acclimatized from the catastrophe of the comedy “Romeo and Juliet”. Catastrophe The comedy “Romeo and Juliet” ends with the suicide of Romeo and Juliet. To save Juliet from marrying addition man, Lawrence devises a plan according to which Juliet will alcohol a aromatic that will accomplish her arise as if she is dead. Juliet drinks the aromatic on the night afore her bells and her ancestors mourns her death, as the aftereffect of the aromatic makes them to accept that Juliet is dead. But Romeo, absent of the plan, is abashed back he hears about Juliet’s death. Heart-broken and dejected, he ends his activity at the tomb of Juliet, by arresting poison. Aloft activation Juliet finds Romeo dead, she additionally kills herself with the Romeo’s dagger. In the movie, Tony is asleep by a affiliate of the Sharks gang. Although Maria is devastated by Tony’s death, she is not apparent as committing suicide. The afterlife of Romeo and Juliet is acquired by a misunderstanding; this aspect makes the adventure of Romeo and Juliet added tragic. Tony dies in the movie, attributable to the assemblage rivalry. In animosity of actuality burst by the afterlife of her lover, Maria holds herself from killing herself. Conclusion The cine “West Side Story” is acclimatized from the comedy “Romeo and Juliet”. The appearance and ambience in the cine has been afflicted according to the needs of the avant-garde society. The artifice of the comedy “Romeo and Juliet” is added adverse compared to the adventure of the cine “West Side Story”. Romeo and Juliet end their lives in the comedy admitting Tony is asleep by a affiliate of Sharks gang. Maria is crestfallen by Tony’s afterlife but she stops herself from demography her own life.

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