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Read "Topic 6: Vargas Ancestors Case Study." Develop three empiric interventions that you would use with the Vargas family. It’s time to get creative! You accept noticed that the Vargas ancestors struggles with affecting expression, decidedly with coinciding affecting announcement (i.e., words, actions, and anatomy accent actuality congruent). Using the Empiric Interventions Template, actualize three different empiric interventions that you would use with the ancestors and call how they would be accessible to the family. It may be accessible to accredit to the library accessories for account and inspiration, but do not archetype absolute interventions. Be abiding to absolutely abode anniversary area in the arrangement for anniversary of the three interventions in your paper: 1. Title of your Intervention 2. General Goals 3. Materials Needed 4. Advance Preparation Needed 5. Description of the Intervention with the Vargas family 6. Discussion of the Benefits of the Intervention to the Vargas Family 7. References (if any)

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