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  Throughout the course, you accept advised and accounting about a cardinal of counseling theories that are acclimated as the base for the counseling profession. In this paper, accept a approach and analyze it adjoin anniversary of the afterward three theories: Cognitive behavior analysis (CBT) Solution-focused Psychoanalysis Choose a approach that you accept advised in this course. Do not accept one of the three theories listed above. Compare your called approach adjoin the three theories listed above. Write a 1,500 chat cardboard discussing your approach comparisons. Include the afterward in your paper: Part 1: Called Theory Founding theorist(s) for the called theory Standard interventions for the called theory At atomic three capital concepts of the called theory Part 2: Cognitive Behavior Approach (CBT) Founding theorist(s) for CBT Standard interventions for CBT Similarities and differences amid your called approach and CBT Part 3: Solution-Focused Theory Founding theorist(s) for solution-focused theory Standard interventions for solution-focused theory Similarities and differences amid your called approach and solution-focused theory Part 4: Psychoanalysis Founding theorist(s) for psychoanalysis Standard interventions for psychoanalysis Similarities and differences amid your called approach and psychoanalysis Include at atomic three bookish references in your cardboard in accession to the advance textbook. Prepare this appointment according to the guidelines in the APA Style

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