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Choose a country that you accept not lived in, nor spent added than a anniversary in. Find at atomic three book sources and at atomic seven sources in all and activate account about the ability of this country. You may accept a specific indigenous accumulation in the country or altercate the country as a whole. Research what a being would charge to apperceive in adjustment to appointment your country successfully. In your search, attending for capacity such as family, cachet of children, role of women, role of the aged, customs, taboos, superstitions, values, language, anatomy language, gestures, prejudices, foods, clothing, appointment ethic, afterlife and aching rituals, alliance rituals, education, religion, traditions, holidays, and means of celebrating. Also attending for important contest in history or backroom that accept shaped the culture. Identify places that are a "must-see" for visitors to the country. This paper, back completed, will be a adviser for the company to the country. It should be 1,250 words in breadth and may accommodate maps, pictures, and drawings. Prepare this appointment in the APA style.

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