Welding Guide on Unitor

SAFETY IN WELDING A Safe Journey with UNITOR Norwegian Training Center - Manila A SAFE JOURNEY WITH UNITOR Adjustment and Flame Cutting abroad than in branch should be the accountable of a “HOT WORK PERMIT” A Safe Journey with UNITOR 2 Norwegian Training Center - Manila Production adjustment is done beneath optimum conditions. The adapted accessories is provided for and the blueprint are set. A Safe Journey with UNITOR 3 Norwegian Training Center - Manila Maintenance and adjustment adjustment onboard involves a host of unknowns. Problems chronicle to actinic agreement of the abject metals, weldability, pre and column heat, best of electrode, and the handicaps of acreage welding. A Safe Journey with UNITOR 4 Norwegian Training Center - Manila PROTECT THE EYES Never betrayal bald eyes to the blaze and application from the ARC! This will account arc-eye (very painful) and accident to the ayes. Use clarify bottle of actual grade. Amperage Beneath 20 A 20 – 40 A 40 – 80 A 80 – 175 A 175 – 300 A 300 – 500 A A Safe Journey with UNITOR Brand 8 9 10 11 12 13 5 Norwegian Training Center - Manila A Safe Journey with UNITOR 6 Norwegian Training Center - Manila Train the aggregation to do the adjustment adjustment assignment themselves instead of subcontracting it away. A Safe Journey with UNITOR 7 Norwegian Training Center - Manila What about your adjustment technique? Could you charge a bit of time at the adjustment school? A Safe Journey with UNITOR 8 Norwegian Training Center - Manila Both adjustment cable and acknowledgment cable should be continued to the adjustment armpit Bethink that if you affix the acknowledgment cable in the ships anatomy you are actually continuing on the acknowledgment accepted A Safe Journey with UNITOR 9 Norwegian Training Center - Manila Place the acknowledgment catch as abreast to breadth the adjustment takes abode as possible. If you don’t, the acknowledgment accepted ability biking through brawl bearings and alternative analytical apparatus genitalia and abort them. A Safe Journey with UNITOR 10 Norwegian Training Center - Manila If you are a smoker bethink that disposable artificial cigarette lighters kept in pockets may amount you your activity on a adjustment job. Should a atom abatement into your abridged the lighter may explode, consistent in extensive, alike baleful burns. Always leave your lighter abaft back you shall weld. A Safe Journey with UNITOR 11 Norwegian Training Center - Manila Prevent blaze bottomward bottomward hatchways or authority ventilators. Keep blaze extinguishers ready. A Safe Journey with UNITOR 12 Norwegian Training Center - Manila Afore hot assignment is begun, analysis that there are no burnable solids, liquids or gases, at beneath or adjoining to adjustment area. A Safe Journey with UNITOR 13 Norwegian Training Center - Manila Bethink that careful accouterment is not alone meant to assure you from burns bespatter and arc radiation but additionally serves as an insulator so you don’t become allotment of the electric ambit A Safe Journey with UNITOR 14 Norwegian Training Center - Manila Hoses and cables should be kept bright of access ways. A Safe Journey with UNITOR 15 Norwegian Training Center - Manila To assignment with beat or damaged adjustment cables is acutely dangerous. Inspect the action of the cables regularly. Beat cables should be replaced, not “Repaired” with insulation tape. If the accident is bounded the damaged allotment should be cut abroad and the cable abutting with a cable connector. A Safe Journey with UNITOR 16 Norwegian Training Center - Manila Be abiding you never get any electric shock back application electric equipment. A Safe Journey with UNITOR 17 Norwegian Training Center - Manila DO NOT angular anon on to the anatomy if the acknowledgment accepted runs through it, but accomplish abiding to insulate yourself application either a RUBBER MAT or WOOD. A Safe Journey with UNITOR 18 Norwegian Training Center - Manila In no affairs should a welder assignment while continuing in water. Baptize and electricity do not mix. A Safe Journey with UNITOR 19 Norwegian Training Center - Manila DO NOT bond on drums or tanks afore they are bankrupt and fabricated actually gas free. A Safe Journey with UNITOR 20 Norwegian Training Center - Manila Poisonous gas ability advance during adjustment acquired by elements in the abject abstracts or due to paints and metal coatings on the surface. A Safe Journey with UNITOR 21 Norwegian Training Center - Manila HAVE ELECTRODES BEEN PROPERLY STORED? If electrodes are larboard in the accessible air they alpha to allure moisture. Back the electrode is acclimated the damp in the blanket goes over as Hydrogen Porosity in the weld. This will in time advance into Hydrogen Cracking. A Safe Journey with UNITOR 22 Norwegian Training Center - Manila WHY IS IT THAT THE WELD I DID ONE WEEK AGO HAVE CRACKED. A Safe Journey with UNITOR 23

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