Weekly Discussion – Cardiovascular System

  Since we're accoutrement the cardiovascular arrangement this week, I anticipation this commodity about treatments for thromboembolism would accomplish for absorbing discussion. The aboriginal commodity is a columnist absolution advised for a medically-literate audience. It's based on the peer-reviewed abstraction in JAMA (second link). You don't charge to apprehend the accomplished JAMA commodity -- aloof accredit to the abstract. If you like you can apprehend added for your own interest. Study compares capability of treatments for claret clots (Links to an alien site.) Medical News Today, September 16, 2014 Clinical and Safety Outcomes Associated With Treatment of Acute Venous Thromboembolism: (Links to an alien site.) A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Journal of the American Medical Association, September 17, 2014 For your antecedent post, you should be application your arbiter and the commodity aloft as your primary sources to acknowledgment the questions below. The purpose of this aboriginal column is to administer the advice that you're practicing from your acquirements objectives. Later, in the comments, I will apprehend you to do a bit of analysis online and abutment your comments with evidence, but in your antecedent column amuse stick to your arbiter and the article(s). Please abode anniversary of the afterward points, demonstrating your compassionate of the accompanying acquirements objectives from this module: What is a thromboembolism? Which formed element(s) in the claret accord to their formation? Examine the abstruse of the JAMA article. Why do you anticipate the 8 treatments being activated had bleeding as a above ancillary effect? Deep venous thromboses (Links to an alien site.) (DVTs) are associated with continued aeon of inactivity, such as sitting on an airplane. Pulmonary embolisms (PE) can aftereffect back bits of the clots in a DVT breach off and biking to the lungs. Why would such clots generally end up in the lungs instead of some alternative organ? Hint: anticipate about the aisle through the two cardiovascular circuits. Patients with PE may present with low claret oxygen levels. How can you explain this finding?

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