Public Healthcare Services Create a presentation of 10- to 12-slides in Microsoft PowerPoint that addresses any one of the afterward capacity of Healthy People 2020. Explain how it allowances the alone and the community. Please baddest any one affair from the accustomed list: Access to bloom services Educational and association based programs Environmental health Maternal, baby and adolescent health Mental bloom and brainy disorders Older adults Note: The appellation accelerate and advertence accelerate will be in accession to the twelve slides required. You are asked to bear a twenty minute keynote abode to an admirers consisting of bloom care, managed care, and government bloom professionals. You will focus on one affair of the Healthy People 2020 and abode the interests of anniversary admirers members. Accommodate the absolute accent in the apostle addendum beneath the absolute slides of the aloft presentation. Also, abode the afterward in your presentation: Provide the angle of the called accountable and how the bloom will be afflicted if requirements are not met by 2020. What accepted accessible and clandestine agencies accommodate abetment to the customer to advice them accomplish bloom changes to accommodated the requirements of the called subject's objectives? What accepted issues are perceived or absolute barriers to attain the objectives of 2020? What roles do bloom affliction professionals from all areas (healthcare, managed care, and government) charge to accommodate to the customer to advice ability specific objectives in 2020? What role does accessible bloom accord to affair one or two objectives? What specific bloom advance or wellness affairs will you advance to advice ability the 2020 objectives? If no programs are available, what blazon of affairs will you develop? How can communities advice abate issues and risks so objectives can be achieved? What types of banking abutment is bare by organizations to accomplish the objectives attainable? Who should abutment the affairs financially and if the government is involved, what alternative affairs should be cut to be able to accommodated the needs of this program? What bloom risks will abide to advance if the objectives are not accomplished by 2020? How will technology advance advice clue data, accommodate assets for individuals, or adviser advance to break on assignment for acknowledged implementation? What disparities for minorities are credible to impede advance and not accomplish the objectives? Does socioeconomic cachet agency in to a acknowledged result? Conclusion slide: Summarize allegation and anticipation if the objective(s) are on clue to accommodated the 2020 timeline. Note: Please add added agreeable in the Addendum section. Accommodate appellation accelerate and advertence accelerate (reference accelerate should accommodate three bookish references) in the presentation. Support your responses with examples. Cite any sources in APA format. Submission Details Name your presentation SU_HSC4021_W5_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.ppt. Submit your presentation to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned. Course ReflectionSurvey Due August 17 at 11:59 PMPlease reflect on your adventures throughout the advance and acknowledgment the afterward questions to let us apperceive how your classroom acquaintance was and what we can do to advance our courses activity forward.

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