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  Prompt:  Lincoln, Ch. 21, 22, & 23 Ch. 21 A affable environment In what way does your academy accelerate the bulletin “you are acceptable here”? Do you see any barriers that ability accelerate addition message? Is the mission account visible? What languages are announced and by whom? Are staff, able and ancillary, cogitating of the community? What would you add to accomplish it alike added welcoming? Decision making/Spokesperson How were decisions fabricated in your ancestors of origin? Is that altered from your ancestors of today? How is your controlling approach altered from that of your patients? Where do you acquisition accepted ground? How do you accommodate ancestors members? In outpatient settings? During procedures or treatments? In the emergency room? In the Intensive Affliction Unit? In the Pediatric Unit? In the Obstetrical Unit? During end-of-life? Role of the Ailing Person What was the role of the ailing being in your ancestors of origin? How is it altered from that of your patients and their families? Where do you acquisition accepted ground? In what means do you animate the patient’s ancestors to participate in the patient’s care? From your perspective… Where is it difficult to accommodate antithesis amid accommodating and HCP? Which aspect would affectation the greatest obstacle? How would you absorb cultural behavior and practices into a plan of care? Ch. 22 Creating a vision What is your eyes of a culturally competent healthcare organization? How does it abode ethics of cultural diversity? How does it abode a affable environment? Dignity for all who enter? Do we reflect our association demographics? Administrators, do they reflect the association demographics? Professional staff, do they reflect the association demographics? Ancillary staff, do they reflect the association demographics? Patient demographics, if not cogitating of association demographics, could this advance to bloom disparities? Orienting to a new department Does your authoritative acclimatization affairs abode cultural diversity? Is there a action acclamation accent announced in the workplace? Are cultural styles of advice and battle resolution advised and discussed? Is there altercation of the cultural values, beliefs, and bloom practices of your accommodating population? Are standards of affliction and Practice reviewed? What abroad needs to be added to the program? Ch.23 Trends over time…the allowances and challenges What demographics changes accept you apparent in the apprentice population? In the adroitness population? What are the challenges of teaching in a culturally assorted apprentice population? How does adroitness abode those challenges? What are the benefits? Barriers for whom… Which of those capacity bell anon with your experience? Have you empiric or heard these mentioned by your students? From faculty? Do you amusement all acceptance the same? Can you see area changes could be made? Student acquirements outcomes Who accredits your institution? What are the apprentice acquirements outcomes specific to your department? How are cultural acquirements styles addressed in the development of curricula and testing? Do you see any biases? Self and administration cultural assessment Have you anytime completed a cultural self-awareness appraisal tool? What were the results, were they what you expected? Did you acquisition it helpful? Were you complex in the controlling action to do this exercise? Did new programs, new teaching strategies, bigger advice emerge? Five Teaching patterns Which arrangement is best cogitating of your teaching style? Which appearance intrigues you? What assets are accessible to adorn your cultural teaching strategies? In the classroom setting What are some of the assets you currently use? What teaching strategies accept you acclimated in the classroom? Are they effective? Does adroitness appointment collaboratively to advance these programs? Are they allotment of your all-embracing mission statement, goals, and objectives of the department? Summary: The purpose of the account cogitating account contest is to acquiesce for analysis, amalgam and appraisal of nursing approach application guided questions. Absorption has been referred to as a action that happens internally, abreast or in abreast (Hill & Watson, 2011).  Also a advantageous analogue of absorption has been referred to as the assay of an affair of concern, as a aftereffect of experience, creating accuracy and acceptation in agreement of self, and which after-effects in a change of angle ( Boyd & Fales, 1983). Directions: Complete the Cogitating Account questions presented in your Lincoln (Weeks 1-6) and Dayer-Berenson (Weeks 6-8) argument as authentic in the advance outline.  Post the responses to the questions in the D2L dropbox. The appointment in due on Monday by 11:59 PM PST

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