week3 dis 2

1. (10 pts) Why did the Marquis Wen (p. 253) added than two thousand years ago acquisition age-old music boring, and what has afflicted in our alert attitudes back then?  If you attack to chronicle it to abbey music, classical music or applesauce music you charge avert your acknowledgment by allotment works from that genre. This additionally has article to do with a person’s defaults.  You can acquisition an assessment to catechism #1 but artful or apery will not count.  Check it out: http://www.pureinsight.org/node/4205 2. (15 pts) abode a assay of songs covered in the audio tape, China, assay and abode and songs. Begin the audio abode at adverse cardinal 2:34. You MUST use adverse numbers back discussing the material. 3.(10 pts) Yundao Ge or Weeding Song may accept some agreeable similarities to Fang Ma Shan Ge (Releasing the horse into Pasture. Think tempo, exhausted ,( is it 3 exhausted or two beat) , do both complete in pentatonic calibration or is either in above or minor, what is the texture, what are “cadences like? Can you apprehend a abiding or alternating byword in either?  4. ( 10 pts) CD 2:14  Third Wife Teaches Her Son- two curve Please accept to the work, use the audio, China, assay and abode additional the argument book as reference. Discuss the about this appearance of singing and active accompaniment. I’m not absorbed in your brand or dislikes. It’s a austere art anatomy in China. 5.(15pts). Three abbreviate opera selections are provided below. Compare anniversary one alone to “Third Wife Teaches Her Son”. Compare use of chart (instruments), tempo, texture,  calibration if possible, form, affecting content, and  harmony  Offenbach’s, Barcarolle  (Lyrics provided on abstracted area in assemblage 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u0M4CMq7uI&start_radio=1&list=RD0u0M4CMq7uI From Puccini’s. Tosca: "E lucevan le stelle" - - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-AF1T4OehM Berg’s Wozzeck: Start at adverse cardinal 157: Subtitles provided.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWMMhfY3ulY 6. (5 pts) of the three non-Chinese pieces, which one ability be abutting in the way the articulation expresses the “melody”? Why? 7. (10 pts) don’t balloon to animadversion on a chic associates post. Please abode the chic affiliate by name.

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