Week 3 Assignment The appliance appraisal consists of six abbreviate acknowledgment questions. All assignment charge be neat, abundant and acutely labeled. Final answers should be articular by either ambit or underlining. Submit your assignment to the adapted bead box as a Microsoft Word or PDF document. 1.    A academy bandage awash 432 tickets for their accessible bounce concert. This represents about 85.5% of the cardinal of tickets awash aftermost year. How abounding tickets were awash aftermost year? (Round to the abutting accomplished number) 2.    Joe paid $8400 in taxes this year. If this represents 80% of the aboriginal estimated bulk of taxes he accepted to pay. What was his aboriginal appraisal of taxes? 3.    86% of the 1,450 acceptance in New Haven High Academy are enrolled in Math classes. How abounding acceptance are enrolled in Math classes? 4.    At Sam’s Used Car Lot, aggregate has been apparent bottomward 13%. Tom purchased a car for the accepted amount of $12,500. How abundant did a car originally advertise for afore the mark down? 5.    The broad amount of a daybed is $520. Based on affairs price, the aboriginal markup was 69%. Find the final auction amount afterwards the afterward alternation of amount changes occurred: a markdown of 13%, a markup of 30%, and a additional markdown of 36%. Round anniversary average affairs amount to the abutting cent. 6.    For a accurate auto barter the percent markup is accepted to be 115% based on amount to the seller. If the agent paid $15,800 for the truck, what would be the percent markup be based on the auction price? (Round to the abutting tenth percent)

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