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Case Study As a amateur administrator in the Cityburgh Police Department, you accept been assigned to abetment Sergeant Smith on three cases. You will be accustomed a set of facts for anniversary doubtable and the appellation of the abomination that Sergeant Smith suspects them of committing. You will charge to assay that abomination and its elements and again administer those elements to the facts of the case to actuate if the abomination absolutely did occur. All of this assay charge be presented in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document. Case 1: Able Last Thursday, an administrator empiric Able traveling at a aerial amount of acceleration bottomward Main Street. The administrator was able to actuate that Able was activity 20 afar over the acquaint acceleration limit. Upon endlessly Able, the administrator abstruse that the vehicle's speedometer was burst and Able was acquainted that it did not function. Sergeant Smith believes that Able can be answerable with adventuresome driving, beneath Code of Virginia § 46.2-862. Case 2: Charlie An administrator brought Charlie in to the base afterwards award him sleeping on a esplanade bench. Charlie accepted to actuality out bubbler the night afore and alive that the esplanade was bankrupt at dusk. Sergeant Smith believes that Charlie can be answerable with accessible intoxication, beneath Code of Virginia § 18.2-388. For both cases, be abiding to focus your altercation on the act appropriate by anniversary crime, the absorbed bare to accomplish the crime, and any added issues that may appear from austere liability, missing elements, or the assorted akin of mens rea present. Note: You can use the Internet to acquisition advice about the Virginia Legislative Advice System and the specific codes.

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