Week 8/Module 8 Written Assignment

 Module 08 Presentation SubmissionScoring Rubric:CriteriaPointsIn this presentation, you will explain: The medication absurdity that you chose in detailThe appulse it has on the staff, organization, and bloom affliction patientWhat are the specific risks to the accommodating and what can be done to anticipate this absurdity from occurring?You charge accommodate a advertisement in the anatomy of a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation that is agreeable to the admirers and gives specific examples of the error. The presentation charge be amid 10-15 slides and will be presented in Module 08. Please accommodate 2-3 bookish references     Medication absurdity s are accretion and can action at any point in the bloom affliction commitment system. These errors are generally a preventable accident that generally time leads to accommodating harm. Acknowledging that errors happen, acquirements from those errors, and alive to anticipate approaching errors represents a above change in the ability of bloom care. It is generally difficult to accede an absurdity has occurred, but a about-face from accusation and abuse to assay of the account will advice to advance the bloom affliction systems. Every bloom affliction provider has a albatross to accept what can account these errors and what can be done to anticipate them from occurring. This compassionate will actualize a safer alive ambiance for both patients and workers.List what you accept are some of the best accepted medication errors, why the errors action and how they can be prevented.Please accomplish an antecedent column by midweek, and acknowledge to at atomic two alternative student's posts with abundant capacity that authenticate an compassionate of the concepts, and analytical thinking. Remember that your posts charge display adapted autograph mechanics including application able language, cordiality, and able grammar and punctuation. If you accredit to any alfresco sources or advertence abstracts be abiding to accommodate able allegation and/or citation.Please analysis the         

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