Week 8 Eng Assignment

Due Week 8 and account 200 pointsYou charge accept admission to audio/video recording accessories (a microphone/webcam, camcorder with agenda book capabilities, or corpuscle buzz with a high-quality camera/microphone) to complete this assignment.Present the PowerPoint presentation advised in Appointment 3.  As a reminder, the agreeable should focus on some aspect of amusing media use in the workplace.  Potential examples accommodate the accent of companies all-embracing amusing media, announcement through amusing media, behavior involving amusing media, able able advice through amusing media platforms, or any cardinal of alternative angles. The presentation charge be submitted application one of the afterward methods: Recorded alive account of the PowerPoint slides. A video recording of the apprentice presenting the presentation (submitted in an adapted video architecture like .mov / .mp4 and uploaded to the OneDrive). A video articulation uploaded to YouTube and submitted through Blackboard (links that do not appointment at the time of allocation will be denticulate as a 0). A appointed alive presentation to the adviser (subject to agenda availability).  The PowerPoint presentation charge attach to the afterward requirements: Content: Address some aspect of amusing media in the workplace. Present in a clear, analytic manner. Include the PowerPoint presentation from Appointment 3. Be appropriately paced. Total time should not beat ten account in length. Assume your ambition admirers is accustomed with the all-embracing abstraction of amusing media. Delivery: Follow the able presentation requirements from Chapter 12 (pages 202-224) in BCOM7. Clearly bear the presentation agreeable (audio). Wear adapted able accoutrements (if application video option) and accommodate aerial resolution audio (if application anecdotal PowerPoint option). Clarity / Mechanics: Focus on clarity, autograph mechanics, and able language/style requirements. Run spell/grammar analysis afore submitting.  Your appointment charge be completed in PowerPoint (using either .PPT or .PPTX format) [for anecdotal PowerPoint option]. Uploaded video book (either .mov or mp4 file) or activity YouTube articulation [for video option]. Your assistant may accommodate added instructions. Assignments charge be submitted through the online advance carapace only. The specific advance acquirements outcomes associated with this appointment are: Plan, create, and appraise able documents. Write clearly, coherently, and persuasively application able grammar, mechanics, and formatting adapted to the situation. Deliver able advice to assorted audiences application adapted tone, style, and format. Develop presentation abilities for use in the able environment. To download the appointment instructions provided aloft and appointment rubric, click here. 

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