Week 8 dusccusion 2

Share a accepted accident commodity with the chic that relates to the concepts covered in this week’s reading. Write a abrupt summary, and explain why you acquainted the commodity was relevant. For these assignments, your appointment is to acquisition an commodity that was accounting in the aftermost year about a specific concept.  One affair that is important in such a appointment is application the appropriate blazon of source.  Back attractive for articles, you should apply on business periodicals and abstain assessment sites, claimed blogs, and web-page entries (like aggregation websites).  What's an "opinion site?"  The Huffington Column is an archetype of an opinion-based site.  This antecedent should be abhorred for bookish research. Sometimes I see references from sources like Linkedin in assignments and discussions.  Linkedin is not a accurate armpit for bookish appointment because anyone can column to Linkedin and plagarized appointment has been begin on this site.  You charge be careful back it comes to bookish research.  There are abounding sites on the Internet that are annihilation added than places for individuals to upload information.  Slideshare, Linkedin, and alternative such sites should never be acclimated for bookish research.  A accurate business journal has a acceptability and alone writers who accept some expertise.  Their appointment goes through an alteration and analysis process.  Not so for amusing media.  Alternative sites, like the HuffingtonPost, are assessment sites.  You may adore account these accepted sites, but they're about not acclimated for bookish research. For any bookish research, application acceptable sources is important.  So you should apply on acclaimed business periodicals like the following: •BusinessWeek  •Society for HR Management (SHRM)  •Inc.  •The Wall Street Journal  •Forbes  •Fortune  •Entrepreneur  •Harvard Business Review  •MIT Management Sloan Review  There are alternative sites, of course, but these are the above periodicals and journals in business.  If application Strayer's Resource Center, there are abounding able journals that accommodated the accepted for bookish research.  One thing, though, beacon bright of aggregation websites.  These types of "articles" are acutely biased and are not in befitting with the ambition of this assignment. Add a arbitrary of the commodity after artful and pasting (put it in your own words).  Discuss why this commodity relates to the account and the all-embracing affair (assigned reading).  Finally, back you add a arbitrary to a discussion, bethink to add a articulation for the commodity you're discussing.  Make abiding it is a abounding URL (the web address) so that the clairvoyant can bang it and go appropriate to the commodity if needed.

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