Week 8 Discussion: Case Study or Share an Experience

  This anniversary you accept two options for your antecedent altercation post. Select the advantage that is best for you! Please bethink to use and acclaim the assignment or appropriate NIH website (there was not a arbiter account this week), AND one alfresco bookish source. Option #1 - Case Study to Consider Ann and Michael accept been affiliated for 55 years. Ann is 80 years-old, and suffers from lung blight and avant-garde Alzheimer's disease. She currently resides in a nursing home, and generally does not admit Michael back he visits. Last night she was accepted to the hospital with adversity breathing. Today, you are the assistant caring for Ann, and her physician is suggesting anaplasty to abolish allotment of her lung to potentially apathetic the progression of her cancer. Michael is activity borderline about this advance of treatment, and asks for your admonition and guidance. How would you acknowledge to Michael and serve as apostle for your patient? Option #2 - Share a Accompanying Experience Share with your classmates a time back you cared for a accommodating at the end of their life. This may be a time back you assisted the accommodating (or their abutment system) with decisions accompanying to end of activity care; or a time back you were present for the afterlife of a patient. What were your observations accompanying to this experience? Do you accept it was a peaceful death? What went well? Can you anticipate of annihilation that could accept fabricated the acquaintance bigger for the accommodating and/or family?

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