Week 8 Discussion

Please no appropriation and accomplish abiding you are able to admission all assets on your own afore you bid. Capital references appear from Neukrug, E. S., & Fawcett, R. C. (2015) and/or Encyclopedia of Counseling (2017). You charge to accept bookish abutment for any affirmation of actuality or advocacy apropos treatment. APA architecture additionally requires headings. Use the alert anniversary anniversary to adviser your branch titles and adapt the agreeable of your antecedent column beneath the adapted headings. Remember to use bookish assay from peer-reviewed accessories that are current. I accept absorbed scoring area and assay results, so you can see how to accomplish abounding points. Please chase the instructions to get abounding acclaim for the discussion. I charge this completed by 01/14/20 at 4pm.  DISCUSSION POSTS--- For your Capital altercation posts, I crave that all posts be a MINIMUM of 250 words. The capital column charge accommodate a minimum of two (2) altered references from a associate advised account or bookish book or bookish website. It is a acceptable abstraction to use your Learning Assets anniversary week. Wikipedia does not calculation as a bookish website back the advice is not validated. Discussion - Anniversary 8 Top of Form Mini Brainy Accompaniment Exam What is it like to be assessed? For this Discussion, you booty the role of a applicant and acquaintance demography the Mini Brainy Accompaniment Assay (MMSE). As you go through this experience, accede what it feels like to be assessed, and to be a client. You will additionally complete the Jung Typology Assay and reflect on your results. You will column your reflections and insights. To Prepare: Review the Mini Brainy Accompaniment      Exam (MMSE) video affairs in the Learning Assets for this week. Complete the Mini Brainy Cachet      Exam on bare cardboard by responding as if you are the client. Record all      your answers. Retrieve the Folstein Scoring      Sheet from this week's assets and account your answers, acquainted that you      actually completed two tasks that were similar, (i.e., algebraic and spelling      (maximum accessible account of 5 for anniversary section). You are to use the college      of those two sections to accommodate in the absolute score. Take the Jung Typology      assessment online. Account your answers and save your results. By Day 3 of Anniversary 8 In 1-2 paragraphs, allotment what      the acquaintance was like to be asked the questions in the Mini Brainy Accompaniment      Exam. It seemed to be appealing easy.  Describe what it was like to      answer the questions, your thoughts as you went through the exam, and how      you reflected on your final MMSE score. I acquainted the questions were accessible to answer. I was      thinking that how is this a brainy accompaniment exam. My account was 29 because I      felt like I didn’t anamnesis the 3 words in the adjustment that it was given. What was it like to booty the      Jung appraisal online? Do you feel that it describes you? Some of the questions I was like borderline on how to      answer because I acquainted like it depend on the bearings on how I would      answer. I do feel like it call me for the best allotment but I don’t feel      like I am judging. What insights did you accretion in      terms of how it acquainted to be assessed?      With the MMSE I was adequate but with the Jung appraisal I added      uncomfortable because I acquainted like the choices were not what I would pick. How do you brainstorm audience may      react? I anticipate audience would acquisition the      Jung added difficult than the MMSE. Be abiding to abutment your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources. Identify accepted accordant abstract to abutment your work. Bottom of Form Required Resources Neukrug, E. S., & Fawcett, R. C. (2015). Chapter 9: “Intellectual and Cognitive Functioning: Intelligence Testing and Neuropsychological Assessment.” In The essentials of Testing and Assessment: A applied adviser for counselors, amusing workers, and psychologists (pp. 190-220). Stamford, CN: Cengage Learning. Neukrug, E. S., & Fawcett, R. C. (2015). Chapter 11: “Clinical assessment: Objective and projective personality tests.” In The essentials of Testing and Assessment: A applied adviser for counselors, amusing workers, and psychologists (pp. 247-280). Stamford, CN: Cengage Learning. Humanmetrics Inc. (1998-2017). Jung typology test. Retrieved at http://www.humanmetrics.com/ Document: Folstein Scoring Area (Excel Workbook) You will use the Folstein Scoring Area to complete this week's Discussion. Required Media Laureate Education (2018). Mini Brainy Accompaniment assay [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Producer. Note: The almost breadth of this media allotment is 9 minutes. Accessible amateur  --Downloads-- Download Video w/CC Download Audio Download Transcript  Optional Resources OPP (2018). Myers-Briggs blazon account (MBTI). Retrieved from https://www.opp.com/en/tools/MBTI/MBTI-personality-types Great Plains Health (n.d.). Beck Anxiety Account (BAI). Retrieved from https://www.gphealth.org/media/1087/anxiety.pdf Strong (2012). Strong absorption account (SII). Retrieved from https://www.skillsone.com/Pdfs/smp284220.pdf Barbaranelli, C., Fida, R., Paciello, M., DiGiunta, L., & Capara, G. V. (2008). Assessing personality in aboriginal boyhood through self-report and other-ratings a multitrait-multimethod assay of the BFQ-C. Personality and Individual Differences, 44(4), pp. 876-886. Doi: 10.1016/j.paid.2007.10.014 Polanski, P. J., & Hinkle, J. S. (2000). The brainy cachet examination: Its use by able counselors. Account of Counseling and Development, 78(3), 357–364.

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