Week 8 Case Study

  Read the case here. (ATTACHED) Review the patient's TB questionnaire. (Page 1) (Page 2)  (ATTACHED) Conduct an evidence-based abstract chase to analyze the best contempo standards of care/treatment modalities from peer-reviewed accessories and able affiliation guidelines (www.guideline.gov). These accessories and guidelines can be referenced, but not anon affected into the analytic case presentation. Adduce a minimum of three resources. Answer the afterward questions: What is the manual and pathophysiology of TB? What are the analytic manifestations? After because this scenario, what are the primary articular medical apropos for this patient? What are the primary psychosocial concerns? What are the implications of the analysis regimen, as far as likelihood of acquiescence and outcomes? Chase the Internet to analysis ante of accommodating acquiescence in analysis of TB, as able-bodied as biologic aggressive TB. Identify the role of the association dispensary in acceptable patients, decidedly undocumented patients, in accoutrement the amount of TB treatment. What assets abide for TB analysis in association bloom centers about the United States? Compare the amount for analysis between, subsidized as it would be for a association bloom center, and unsubsidized. What are the implications of TB for analytical affliction and avant-garde convenance nurses? The use of medical analogue and adapted alum akin autograph is expected.  Your cardboard should be 4–5 pages, (excluding awning folio and advertence page). Your assets charge accommodate analysis accessories as able-bodied as advertence to non-research evidence-based guidelines.  Use APA architecture to appearance your cardboard and to adduce your sources. Your source(s) should be chip into the paragraphs. Use centralized citations pointing to affirmation in the abstract and acknowledging your ideas. You will charge to accommodate a advertence folio advertisement those sources. Adduce a minimum of three resources. PLEASE FOLLOW UP WITH PROFESSOR FEEDBACK BELOW Missing purpose statement. The purpose account is consistently the aftermost book of the addition paragraph. You are missing the beneath above content: How does the advice in this case acquaint the convenance of a master’s able nurse? How should the master’s able assistant use this advice to architecture a accommodating apprenticeship affair for addition with this condition? 

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